More Museums and Venues in Downtown Raleigh


Red Hat Amp. will be in Dix Park?
If so, that is fantastic news!!!


For all T-Rex fans: the Nature Research Center actually already has one. It’s just a juvenile, so it’s smaller than the Acro, but it’s still fun to see! You can find it on the third floor.nrc11


I’d like to see an interactive technology museum downtown that celebrates and educates.
As for the science museum expansion, do we really think that our current iteration of republicans in the general assembly are really interested in science?


@Leo, I wonder if the SF museum of ice cream is related to the one in Miami Beach?


Always thought a technology museum would be a big draw downtown, and educational for all ages.


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More music venues please. We lost one with Southland Ballroom closing. One thing I would love Raleigh to have is a true arts district. Probably too late since real estate is outrageous, but there’s gotta be a cheap warehouse somewhere in East/SouthEast ITB that can be converted into gallery/music venue/rehearsal space…


Tin Roof is coming to Glenwood.
That will be a music venue of sorts.


I always thought something like the Chase Bank Auditorium in Chicago or the Ed Sullivan Theater, i.e. a theater in the ground floor and offices above, makes a lot of sense. Nobody would complain about the noise at night and we would get both a theater and density together.


Would love if the Lincoln Theater expanded. Maybe several stages, a music producing studio you can rent, enclosed band vehicle area, etc.



I too would Love to see some kind of development near the Lincoln Theatre or even add a few more venues near it, A movie theatre…Bowling alley…a few shops…etc,


I would love more performance spaces next to Lincoln Theater.


Create a mini sixth street (Austin) experience.