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Looks like it is sitting right on top of the Harrelson Hall footprint. I was at State from 1998-2002 and can’t remember how many classes (and hours) spent in Harrelson. I always hated that building, but was a little sad to see it go at the same time.


I had 2 classes in Harrelson when I was a Freshman and concur with you about it. I hated that building. I’m not sad that it’s gone.

Ahh yes I remember the old Harrelson donut in the middle of campus. I was at State from 2007-2011 and I thankfully only had a few classes, mostly labs for classes, in there.

I actually got my dad a book by Charles Birnbaum, the CLF’s founder, for Christmas. That’s all I’ve got.

I remember back when I was there you could always, at least once a week, count on some sort of preacher with a microphone yelling at all the students in the Brickyard. I think one of my favorite memories of the Brickyard was walking by and watching the NC State ‘quidditch’ team practicing/playing in some of the grassy areas


Preacher Gary!!! He used to harass my best friend down at ECU. He made the rounds every week. HAHA


I think that grew into a daily occurrence with a rotating lineup of sidewalk preachers. Really helps with the vitality of the Brickyard, especially when they would draw an audience of students trying to engage with their talking points.


I can confirm this is a daily occurrence. :mega:


and @jope It probably was a daily occurrence back when I was there too and I just didn’t realize it. I only had to walk through the Brickyard a couple times a week for some Tuesday/Thursday classes and most of the time a preacher was definitely there outside the front of the library.


I was at State from 2014-2018 and I remember hearing about a Sciences building planned for Harrelson site when it was being demolished. Was wondering how long it would take to actually start construction. The landscaping there was always an interim plan. Will be nice to bring some new life to main campus, so much of the attention is on Centennial recently.


Centennial Campus Innovation District master plan - Seems like first bits of action could be soon… Centennial’s New Innovation District | NC State University


Need to do something with Centennial Pkwy. Probably one of the most under-utilized roadways in the area. I hope they continue with the plan to incentivize private development on the north side.

Thinking way into the future here, I hope if the BRT projects are successful then the city can try building tramways (with dedicated lanes) for future lines. Before I die I want to see a tram that goes down Hillsborough St from downtown, right on top of where the streetcar used to be. Then maybe you could split it into two branches, one going down Avent Ferry and/or Centennial Pkwy, the other further west on Hillsborough St. then up Blue Ridge. We need some serious development all along these corridors and a better way to get the large student population around.


When I was at State, Centennial Campus was just getting started. I distinctly remember being told the plan was to connect Main Campus and Centennial Campus via monorail. Clearly that has happened. :man_shrugging:


Honestly even if monorails are a little gimmicky and couldn’t be easily extended to the rest of the city (I think some Melbourne-style trams would be perfect), hell if that wouldn’t be an awesome recruiting & fundraising tool and economic driver for NC State.

But the fact that the main WolfLine route between the campuses isn’t even a bendy bus at this point absolutely blows my mind. Thing is constantly packed.

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Well there was a project that included a light monorail style system that was being built:

But it looks like that has been scrapped and will now be autonomous using existing infrastructure.

Autonomous transit shuttle launched on Centennial | News |


Excited for this project, but would be nice to see what they’re thinking in terms of building height. This vantage just looks like it’ll be 30% parking deck.


Ah, that’s CASSI! Love her.

However she’s been gone now for a couple years and not sure if she’ll ever come back (although, Cary is trying it out). Don’t get me wrong, the project was super cool, but it definitely was not a serious, viable mass transit solution. Maybe it could shuttle some folks around Centennial Campus if they don’t feel like walking, but it was very slow, had the capacity only for a few people, and – to this day – needs an attendant on board. A cool project and something donors can look at and say “wow, neat” but not a viable transit solution.

I have confidence in the folks I’ve talked to at NCSUDOT but I hope the university leadership doesn’t try to get too fancy with it. There are some pretty well-defined global standards for which kind of transit systems are scalable and maintainable in certain environments. I get that NCSU is a hub for innovation, but as someone who has spent countless hours on the WolfLine commuting between Main and Centennial campuses, they just need something that works. Better/more buses can do that. Something rail-based can do that. Ideally something that can connect seamlessly to other parts of the city.

Seems like a lot is hinging on the possible redevelopment of Mission Valley, but there’s a lot of uncertainty with that. IMO, the University should consider trying to buy that property and develop it itself rather than leave it to chance.

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The whole area was rezoned up to 20 floors I think?


28 stories for this part, yes.

Time for the extension of a proven winner, clearly.