New Raleigh Skatepark

This is my first time creating a new topic, so feel free to delete if this does not seem like it needs its own topic. But as a young skater who is moving back home after college I am finding it incredible that Raleigh has only 1 publicly funded skatepark. And not even a good one at that. I know Apex has a nice skatepark that is free, and Neighbor2Neighbor has a public park as well (funded through donations) but it would be nice to have a concrete park to allow skaters in downtown a place to congregate. I personally have nearly been arrested skating the train station plaza, and with all the new development in downtown, it is a haven for skaters (Moore Square, RUS, NC State, Smoky Hollow, City Plaza, etc.), but a nightmare for residents and developers. The best deterrent for skaters to not skate private property is to build a public park where they would rather be that is better than the streets. I would love to hear y’alls thoughts and suggestions! I got this idea from the Freedom Park thread and have honestly been thinking we’ve needed one since I moved back in during COVID.


And of course, you can never deter all skaters from skating in the street, it’s part of the culture, but anything is better than nothing.

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I don’t skate. But it’s something I’d be thrilled to see added to the downtown Raleigh community.


I’d support that. Any suggestions as to location?

How about the northern half of Pullen? It’s underutilized compared with the southern half, and would be walking (skating?) distance from likely hundreds of skaters at NCSU

Good option. Up there where the Tennis courts ara?

Been saying this for years! Would love that, someone yesterday mentioned (@John ?) Devereaux Meadows park when they (finally) start working on it, and I love that idea - it’s extremely accessible to downtown, currently in pre-development (and thus easier to incorporate into since it can all be built out at the same time), and right behind downtown’s only proper skate shop Endless Grind! What do you think of that area @919raised ?


I actually like this idea a lot, being so close to the skate shop would be perfect! And since it’s already being turned into a park it would make sense to add something there.

I also would like to see a park designed by skaters, because a lot of times parks fail in other cities because they are not built with flow and obstacle difficulty in mind. Apex Skate Park is a good park built by and for skaters. There’s some nice DIY skateparks in Raleigh too that maybe developers could take some notes from? Since skaters really can make the obstacles they want to skate at those parks.

Near the tennis courts would be possible, but I was actually thinking about the other side of the tracks - sort of between the softball fields.

Devereaux Meadows is another possibility, and I suppose Dix would be too!


I totally forgot about the part across the tracks.

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I know, right!!!

Skate Raleigh is holding a free kickoff event tonight. Skate Raleigh Kickoff Tickets, Thu, Sep 15, 2022 at 6:00 PM | Eventbrite

They’re looking to build a pop up skate park at Devereaux meadows.


Imma have to check this out. Thanks!

Super cool. I’m a roller skater and don’t park skate, but I’m in full support of more skate facilities. We desperately need another (better) outdoor rink, too. Preferably with a roof and lights, both of which Marsh Creek’s poor excuse for a “rink” lacks.


The downtown skate park is coming along. This should finish in time for summer.


Podcast Raleigh recently posted an episode about this.


New skatepark, officially called the Conlon Family Skatepark, will have a ribbon-cutting at 10am on Thursday 6/29:


Is that picture… the whole thing?

My understanding is this is temporary? I’m not a skater, but would love if a very nice skate park was a permanent feature of the new Smoky Hollow Park.


No it’s only the concrete ramp section. They are building a wooden ramp section further south on the property. I also think they are building a dirt jump section for bikes.