Olde East Neighborhood

Dammit, just did a bit of googling and apparently this is going to be a CBD “farmacy” Raleigh, NC | Franny's Farmacy Oh well.

Oh well. Nothing I’ll get excited about. Once the city owns the former DMV site and hopefully deliver hundreds of units across the street from this spot, a more useful shop may take hold.


Vertical addition?


From the permit…

Addition of 2 floors to existing structure to create residential Duplex
400 E Martin St (1st & 3rd fl) & 402 E Martin St (2nd fl)
1st floor not to be utilized as commercial use or as garage
Includes rooftop deck

Renovation of the existing 1st floor and addition of new 2nd and 3rd floors above an existing 1-story brick structure to form a two-unit, attached residence (duplex). No proposed changes to the existing footprint; existing non-conforming setbacks to apply to the proposed addition per previous correspondence with C.O.R. Zoning. Conversion of the existing building to a residence to be handled as part of the building permit process per previous correspondence with C.O.R. Zoning.


Super curious about the economics of this: steel framing on a small building like that, for residential. I imagine these will be ultra-high end. Very excited to see how this one ends up looking.

Also seems odd that the 1st and 3rd level are the same unit, split by a different one on level 2.

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I’m trying to remember what this building was prior…??

Photog studio…IIRC(haracs)

Interesting investment, apparently…:popcorn: ready

nope, the permit states “1st floor not to be utilized as commercial use or as garage.” It’s one unit on levels 1 and 3, and a second unit on level 2.

Not much really…

Looks like it could be a good Ghostbusters headquarters…


That’s what I thought! Always thought it had way more potential to be a more public gallery space, but not gonna be mad that it’ll end up being more housing (2 more houses!)

Bryan Regan’s studio/home expansion.


The camera behind Sideshow Panda! Good dude. He did our marriage pics in 2018 downtown.


OMG, think of the shadows!

The Idyle; pictures below from Dec 24th. The windows are (mostly) in now.


They finally released the plans, and wow. This is a first for the neighborhood, 21 condos on top of a 21 parking space garage with a shared rooftop deck. Demolishing two single family homes.


Wow. Condos. Love everything about this.


This is 721 E Lenoir? Amazing they can cram it on such a wee little lot. Very interesting.

I really hope these giant holes become windows. What an amazing view that would be.


I think those trees might have to go… that sidewalk is definitely not ADA compliant. Other than that this is great :ok_hand:t4: