Places to watch in the coming year?

Hey there! My name is Anna, and I’m a reporter with The News & Observer.

I am working on a story with several of my colleagues about “places to watch in 2023.” We are specifically looking for places that will see significant visual change in the next year (start or finish construction or a large building being razed).

Our story/stories will cover the entire Triangle but I am focused on Raleigh. If you know of a place/project that we should consider would you mind sharing? (Just know your suggestion might end up in the newspaper). The project’s editor already has a few places in mind but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to crowdsource. And I assumed this would be of interest to the entire group.



I assume the round Holiday Inn is going bye-bye in 2023.


Wake Forest Rd/Atlantic area. Iron Works development well underway, and tons more around it incoming


The Seaboard Station redevelopment would be an easy layup.


Also South St/“West End” area - 20 story apartment building soon, crane should be up within a few months. Movement on the pit recently, so might see some plans or proposals soon. There’s that huge apartment building on the other side of the Fairweather that’s been approved (AFAIK). West End: there’s the nearly completed Kane apartment box, then after that he’ll start on the other half of that development, plus seems like he’s resurrecting the repurpose of those warehouses across the street. All of this is sure to activate that whole area in a big way.


Hi Anna!
Lake Wheeler rd. Corridor - Dix Park Plaza and Play. That area is going to be completely transformed in the next 1-2 years.


The St Albans corridor.
Not DTR, yet.

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So we’re supposed to give you a story for free, and then N&O is gonna charge us to read it? :thinking:



I like to think of this as the research and due diligence phase to ward off the “why didn’t you include x, y and z places” after the story is published. But, yeah, I’d say a lot (most?) of our story ideas come from reader suggestions/tips.


You should look into writing up a story on the old New & Observer building. It’s a prime piece of property with lots of potential to really make a mark on Raleigh’s downtown. Would love to know the status of that project, as it’s been crickets for awhile on what might happen with that land. What’s the owners plans? If it’s to develop, what do they envision? When do they hope to break ground? Etc.


The rezoning on near Dawson by the parking lot across the convention center, and St. Augustine/ and Shaw University rezoning. The latter will expose the new council members as anti-black or white people who think they speak for black people when they don’t that’s if they deny it. Why do I say that because white people will never speak for us EVER? I think they should pass it no questions If they care about equity.


Ignore @GucciLittlePig he has no shame :rofl: :rofl: (:heart:)


I hope people know I was just teasing. :grimacing:


I’ll pass that along to our business reporter to see they are planning any sort of update.


Depending on the official starting date, the Raleigh Union Station Bus Terminal in the Warehouse district might have the most impactful change with it being a Bus Terminal, Office space, rental units as well as retail spaces.

Although it won’t be complete for a couple years, it should begin vertical construction in 2023.


All of the development planned along or adjacent to Glenwood Ave. There’s the Creamery development, the Madison (current Cornerstone Bar), the Moxie Hotel on West St. & where Glenwood meets Hillsborough St. with the Char Grill site.


Places to watch in the next year for me are Iron Works and Smoky Hollow, as these places should be activated over the next year and will be interesting to see what sort of vibe or feel these places develop.

From a future development perspective, Whitaker Mill will be interesting to watch as development between 5 Points and the Iron Works are hot topics and will be indicators of how this city will continue to grow (or not).


What about New Bern Avenue? If BRT starts construction in 2023, I imagine that whole street will be crazy with work going on, trees cut down, lanes being added. The whole thing just buzzing with activity. (not to mention possible detours maybe?)


Maybe I didn’t pay attention close enough, but I thought they were using existing roadway for all the bus lanes and such?

Hey Anna, Would you get in touch with Steve Malik for a update of a possible soccer/ mixed sports stadium? Thanks Anna! Happy New Year!