Prince Hall Historic District


I predict that with plenty of empty lots within the Prince Hall Historic District, as well as plots that border downtown mixed-use properties, we’ll be hearing about this district again and again.

Here’s a quick primer and map.


First bit of news is the Rogers House that moved from West Street to Cabarrus and Bloodworth. They are building the foundation now and it’ll be fun to watch this house make a comeback. It’s a great fit for that historic district.


What ever came of the hotel proposed at Wilmington and Lenoir? I believe it was sited within the District.


Beware of NIMBYs. The absolute “no” narrative is never productive.


I’m so glad to see this house saved. I really like the idea of creating districts with capacity to collect the homes that would otherwise be lost. It would be a win/win. We can free up land for more dense development while preserving our limited historic fabric.
Is this house still going to be part of that new living project that Matt T. wants to do?


I believe so. I actually have a to-do to catch up with him, may write about what he’s got going on on Bloodworth with this house and Guest House.


I think the co-living proposal required saving both homes. And thought that I read that he’s just renovating and selling this one now.


Was the bigger house that couldn’t be saved structurally unsound for transport?


To the best of my knowledge (from conversations on Twitter) it’s a combination of things, maybe. If the council moved faster (Nov 2017 vs. March 2018) it’s possible that it could have been saved. I believe there was some paperwork that didn’t get finished in time. I also saw a comment about the land not being ready in time.

Yes, another person said the house was in poor shape and some though it wouldn’t survive the move. I blame the system, the process wasn’t built for things to move fast enough but maybe I’m wrong.