Raleigh 2022 New year, New Projects

Okay, now that 2021 is over, let’s see how this new year shapes up. So far we have 401-H, North Hills, Innovation district, RUSBUS tower, Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, etc. What can we look forward to for 2022.


Acorn, East Civic Tower, the Creamery, the Madison


Hopefully Nexus, park city south, the new park city south, downtown south, the NCAE block, and hopefully some kind of movement on The Edge.
If 75% of all these we mentioned would it be Raleigh’s biggest one time boom?


Potentially Bloc 83 phase 3 as well?


I think based on announced start dates we should have at least 5 new cranes in downtown 2022:

  1. Creamery
  2. Raleigh Municipal campus
  3. RusBus
  4. West Street apartments
  5. Salisbury Square

Please correct me if I am missing any that have been announced. Would be nice to have those join the 3 already downtown, though I’d think the Peace one would be down by mid-year.


The Acorn apartments at 7 floors will probably need a crane as well. They cleared all the trees from the site today so they’re not wasting any time. I’ll try and get a picture tomorrow.


Yeah I can never tell in that range whether they’ll need one or not. Fingers crossed

You could add Kane’s “platform” project to that as well. Maybe they need one maybe they won’t


My guess is The Platform project could have 2 even. The Peace St. apartments (Kane) had 2 and that was a much smaller footprint.

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Well, I hope all these projects jump off before the three interest rates hikes happen, or atleast that’s what the Fed wants to happen in 2022.


Not sure where to put this but with the year ending please don’t forget the gem of a hospital we have on 440, Duke Raleigh. The doctors, nurses, and other staff are working miracles on the COVID ward. We are lucky to have them. The care, compassion and bravery was truly appreciated by my family. The work they do is so critical to saving lives here in Raleigh and just know that if you end up needing them that these heroes will be there for you. God Bless Duke Raleigh. Forever thankful.


If I had to put my preference for order of projects, it would go something like this:

  1. SH3: I just want to see that fully realized and that empty lot to go away.
  2. RUSBus: This one is so transformational for the district and the city that it needs to be near the top of the list. Frankly, it would have been #1, but its energy almost assures us that it is moving forward. This is why it sits at #2 on my list.
  3. 301H phase 2. Like my #1 on the list, this one is similar. I don’t like half finished projects and the side of that garage facing west is hideous!
  4. Bloc83 tower: this is that 18 story tower that is going on the corner of Boylan and Morgan. While this too is part of an unfinished master project, it doesn’t feel as unfinished as either SH or 301H. Nonetheless, I’d like to see it finished.
  5. City Municipal Tower. As it is, the current site isn’t empty or unsightly, but I’d still like to see progress on this one next year.
  6. Nexus: Ditto on this one, though I’m willing to wait a few years if we can get a more substantial and taller project here.
  7. Zimmer: This one is this far down the list because it’s cut off from SH by Capital and the govt complex on the other side by the rail line. Its impact on the greater downtown experience isn’t as likely to be as great as the other projects that have a better immediate context and potential for urban impact.
  8. Raleigh city parcels 2 & 3. I think that’s what these are called (or something like that). I’m putting this one far down the list because I don’t think it’s terribly likely at this time. We are going to have to see what post covid looks like before I think that anyone is going to pull the trigger on a project that includes a major brand high-rise hotel, and office space going forward needs to sort itself out.

So, as we move into the second month of the year, which project do we think is going to be the first major groundbreaking of 2022 in DTR?

(or the second, depending on whether you’d say ground has really broken for Acorn)


I think Park City South is going too be next, but not sure if you’d consider that “major”? I’m hopeful we’ll see Creamery and/or RUSBUS at least begin demo this year. I’d consider that major and groundbreaking.


I’d call it major!

letters letters letters


I think next major project groundbreaking 320 W South St 20-story residential. Rezoning approved, Site Review approved. Next permits… so maybe late summer?


Do they have the financing in place? They had a goal of raising ~ 48 million through an Opportunity Zone Fund to help finance the project. According to the developer’s website, that investment offering is still open. Maybe they have the :heavy_dollar_sign: but haven’t updated their website.


I didn’t realize their site plans had been approved. That’s good news.


I keep forgetting about this one- I actually really love the look of that render, and the fact that the deck is hidden behind the tower itself rather than another parking pedestal. Hopefully that one one starts sooner than later, bringing the skyline further South!


Looks like you are likely to be the winner!


I drove from North Hills into downtown today and counted four cranes in NH and four cranes downtown with one more going up. Do we truly have nine cranes running between downtown and the beltline? That’s a record for my time here