Raleigh-area Mall / RTP Redevelopments

Just published in the TBJ:

Crabtree Valley Mall to unveil $290M redevelopment project

The details of a major redevelopment project at Crabtree Valley Mall have begun to emerge.

Mall operators are preparing to file a rezoning request to build a 30-story mixed-use tower at the site of the former Sears building.

The project would include restaurant, office, hotel, entertainment and green spaces and signal the company’s new shift away from a retail-dominant business model. The mall plans to file their request Tuesday.


They have to keep up with North Hills, or they’ll become what NH was before Kane bought it.


Now is the time to resurrect the plans for the Solei Center. Let the Eye of Mordor rise up above the Valley of Crabtree.

(But seriously if it’s ok to add 30 stories in one of the most congested sections of Raleigh then surely it’s ok to add 40 to the Peace Capital area)


Yeah seriously. Let’s talk about traffic for this, not downtown! LOL

Curious to see how City Council responds to this one…


Holy crap! I love the look. Big day for Raleigh renderings! Btw, if this is going to be a Crabtree development thread, does anyone have updates or pictures of the 18 story Westin hotel and the Terrace office building? I haven’t been up that way in a solid 7/8 months.


Exactly what I was thinking @JosABanks
And how does this building “taper” from the downtown core?


So much development being proposed you would almost think it was 2007. Seriously excited about this stuff but I’m waiting to see something other then a Kane project actually break geound.


No mention of traffic management in one of the worse traffic areas in town today, and no mention of affordable housing. That and the downtown core/taper thing, no chance in hell this gets approved with today’s council.


For anyone who hasn’t seen these yet, please take a moment to look at the sheer insanity that are the proposals for the intersections up there.


The Soleil Center site might not be available much longer, depending on which option is selected for the Capital/440 interchange rebuild. Options 4, 5, 6, and 7 all route a roadway through the site.

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Maybe it gets approved with the promise that at some date in some future Glenwood gets double decked so the traffic problems will be solved for some future generations. Also, Crabtree will offer discounts for affordable meals in North Hills.


From the pics this looks so dope. I hope this gets off the ground and doesn’t get Soleiled!


This is my neck of the woods!! Looking forward to seeing some vertical growth nearby. (But still think tall buildings should be downtown.) The office building is looking very nice, topped out and clad with glass. There is also a big parking deck behind the building. However, I haven’t noticed any movement with the Weston hotel yet. I will try to get by there this weekend (if not before) and post some pictures.


Awesome thank you. I could have swore the Westin was already started but I could be wrong.

The Westin is still trying to get a building permit. It was submitted a long time ago and the latest round of reviews just finished with no approval. The designers on this one must be a bunch of morons. When the reviewer tells you that you need to provide something or correct something, it is usually a good idea to have that completed by the next time you submit it.

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I’m all for additional development to let people live and work (not just shop) in Glenwood as an alternative to North Hills!


Two things.

  1. shouldn’t the traffic study be done first (or be coordinated with the developers) so that the development’s constraints are fully defined? I feel like it would be dumb to let the towers be built to work with today’s congestion, only for the revised traffic pattern’s crazy U-turns to make things even worse.

  2. this is a really bad approach on NCDoT’s end, don’t ya think? Like don’t we need a full, thorough traffic analysis for ALL intersections to see exactly what routes/lanes we need to enhance? Like if you’re gonna justify building flyovers for U-turns and things, anyways, why is the Glenwood/Creedmoor intersection not a part of the Extended Study Area?

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Where exactly would be the Westin site around the 70 and Creedmoor interchange?

Ok. Must have been the parking deck then that was started. The hotel is supposed to be built on top if remember correctly?

I agree make Glenwood double deck from south of beltway until hits hill past Creedmore. I would also tie a 4 lane Crabtree Valley rd into beltway and Glenwood. But LOL just imagine the mess during construction.


Good lord who came up with this? Makes me dizzy