Raleigh Convention Center - Expansion and Larger Events

I’m sorry but I’m going to die on this hill. The thing that holds this area back is its largest city not acting like it. Increasingly the Triangle is seen as “Raleigh” from a national perspective and what we (the city of Raleigh) do matters because that’s how the region is being judged. Yielding this and yielding that to other parts of the Triangle does the entire region no favors.
So, count me in among those who are very happy that the city is looking at its convention center complex and going big. I just want to see them do that with allied amenities and experiences as well.


I’m not suggesting yielding this and that and everything. But more cooperation and working together, vs. against each other all the time.

We disagree, but that’s fine.

@oakcitykarla will have an issue with you boycotting St Roche. Watch yoself


@John I experienced the same thing this year when we saw The Christmas Carol at DPAC. Lots of people pouring out of DPAC with nothing close by to go to (within 1-2 blocks, perhaps). As for Raleigh, I think the new Omni hotel (550 rooms?) and upcoming Convention Center expansion is going to help Martin Marietta Center for for Performing Arts.


TBJ mention about the CC Expansion

Contractors picked for Raleigh Convention Center expansion

The Raleigh Convention Center’s expansion project has selected Clancy & Theys Construction Company, Skanska, and D.A. Everett Construction Group as the construction managers in a joint venture. The project, which will add 500,000 square feet of space to the convention center and involve relocating the Red Hat Amphitheater, is estimated to cost $387.5 million and is expected to be completed by 2028.


Maybe you’ll even live in Raleigh by then!


2028? That means they need to break ground by end of the year or Spring to get that ready by then.


Gotta get through one more funding approval. That shouldn’t be long. But finally long awaited work on the skyline. I’ll hold me over for a few years. Hopefully by then other sholvels will hit the ground.

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