Raleigh Elections and Council Overall

One of the Livable Raleigh folks, Donna Bailey showed up at the Green Monkey tonight and they let them pass around promote the petition during trivia, they picked up about 15 signatures and she did not disclose that Livable Raleigh was backing this, she just made it seem like this “single issue” petition.

Does anyone know if Livable Raleigh is free to utilize the contact information they are collecting for their own propaganda distribution?

A friend of mine was able to provide context to those around us and keep a few signatures off, but unfortunately many people just signed because they were asked.


Donna Bailey and LR was a reaction to Saige Martin upending

their personal Councilor and of course, their attempt to overturn Mayor MAB’s election through recall, which failed miserably. They are consumed and it’s all negative energy.