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Congrats to Livable Raleigh. Their meme resulted in a whopping 138 additional signatures this weekend for term lengths and 267 additional signatures for new districts. They’ll need 3553 more signatures for the term lengths to be a ballot measure and 3618 more signatures for the new districts to be a ballot measure verified by the Board of Elections and presented to the council by tomorrow.

It should make for a close photo finish.

I’d imagine that this number increases throughout the day leading up to tomorrow. I’m not going to rule it out, but I’m certainly not optimistic they’ll get there. If they thought they would, I assume they’d be bragging about it on all of their socials.

Instead, they’re calling the Council liars:


LR has serious old man yells at cloud energy.


Highly recommend y’all get on Facebook and leave their page a review to “not recommend” them - their rating will go down, and most of the more recent “reviews” are clowning them. Take away what little power they (think they) have.



Also, I assume they’ll take the less than 50% of the required signatures needed to the Council tomorrow and “demand” they accept them instead of the 5000. Highly looking forward to MAB’s curt response and LR’s social media talking about how the council refused to listen to the people.


Looks like the total signatures jumped to 1890 since I last posted for term lengths. Assuming this will continue to be a work in progress. Hopefully, I won’t have to eat my words, but I still maintain that if they thought they had the signatures then they’d already be all over social media bragging about it.

They’re not exactly known for holding their cards close to their chest.

Not to mention that it’s good form to turn in many more signatures than required, since they can each be challenged on technicalities (and as a show of support).

This ‘Survey’ they keep referencing was like 31 people during an in-person meeting.It is far from a representative poll.


Please go comment that on their FB post. Seriously, if no one ever challenges their stupid social media posts, they’ll just keep posting them thinking they have influence.

I don’t do Facebook. Quit that nonsense years ago.

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They said “online survey” in the post - any idea where that one is? I’d like to see the total number of people they’re referencing took this “Survey”

Also, since yesterday we’ve got their Facebook page’s rating down to 3.4 stars with more negative “don’t recommend” reviews. Keep going! Anyone on here who’s on facebook, go get em!!! Make em irrelevant !

It’s ok, I’ll make a fake one for you :wink:

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I have no idea. Probably just playing loose with the facts. Someone posted the link to the petition on Reddit, with the same comment about majority of residents opposing extending the terms. I asked for a link, and was the link I just shared earlier.

31 people in a “focus group” were asked. That’s how they extrapolated to mean, this is something nobody wants being forced without a referendum vote, by some council members in the pockets of developers.

Maybe this is the one they were referring to (from the same link):

And then there was the 2023 item:

I personally like the approach they took. If they can come up with the 5000 signatures they need (a sign that people care about this decision), it’ll go to a ballot. If not, then was it a big deal to begin with? They’re not shoving this decision down anyone’s throats. There is still recourse to get it to be a ballot measure.

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The petition has expired, topped out at 2,140 verified signatures.


We should get them an “almost got to 50%” trophy to display.


Since Livable Raleigh is posting old memes, I’ll send them one. Congrats LR!



Clearly the majority of Raleigh Residents oppose extending the terms…

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