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No, payrolls measure the number of employed people on company payrolls. (Doesn’t count self-employed or small businesses with a small number of employees).

NYTimes special section on museums this week

Can the Best Fossils Ever Found Answer the Biggest Dinosaur Question? https://www.nytimes.com/2024/04/26/arts/design/north-carolina-museum-dinosaur-question.html?smid=nytcore-android-share


Raleigh 3rd fastest.




If the rate continues, we should crack 500k in 2025.


According to worldpopulationreview.com, the population of Raleigh, North Carolina in 2024 is 488,854, which is a 1.27% annual growth rate. The city’s population has increased by 5.28% since the 2020 census, which recorded a population of 464,320. The Raleigh metro area population in 2024 is 1,629,000, which is a 2.39% increase from 2023


Raleigh was in the top 10 among all US cities for residents gained last year with a net gain of 8,872 new residents:


Atlanta is particularly impressive because of the size of their city limits, which are a tad smaller than Raleigh’s. There has been a lot of high rise housing delivered in Atlanta as of late. Infill apartments in downtown Raleigh have been doing a lot of the heavy lifting for Raleigh’s growth, especially when compared to the absolutely tiny size of downtown proper. With thousands of new units either recently delivered, under construction, or in planning, expect downtown to continue to do a lot of the heavy lifting. When one adds what’s happening in Midtown and with other infill mulit-family projects, Raleigh proper will continue to grow along with the greater Triangle region.


That for % for Ft Worth is dang impressive for a town that big. For the record, Ft. Worth does rock. I enjoyed the heck of out of living there a couple decades back.

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Ft Worth is about 350 square miles and is larger in land area than Raleigh+Durham+Cary. This is why Atlanta’s growth number and rate are so impressive. They only have about 135 square miles in total.


No doubt there - I think many folks forget how small the city of Atlanta’s footprint is.
I do all the time when I hit the outer ex-burbs and know there is only another hour of driving to get downtown, lol.


charlotte usa is also heavily skewed because they annexed virtually the entire county in the 80’s…so they could constantly claim "how big theirs is…I mean “they are”.

Austin & Indianapolis are similar in that regard


I believe Nashville, Jacksonville and Virginia Beach absorbed their entire counties in the 70s & 80. A race to be big and it worked. If Raleigh had done so, the population would be 1.1M & Charlotte would be 1.05M.

Interestingly, Nashville-Davidson has still not recovered to its 2020 Census population as of the latest estimates. So, the greater Nashville metro is growing but the core city/county isn’t.

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