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It’s a scary I won’t be watching because they life when I do.

Down 0-3 in the series. Will take a major turn around to win this series. Their goalie is a beast. Hardly anything goes by him.

I’m not a hockey guy so I know nothing but… did the Canes truly just… die out? Or are the Panthers THAT good???

All of the games have been real close (two OTs and a 1-0 game). The Panthers are playing really well, but at the end of the day it just comes down to how otherworldly their goalie is playing. Canes haven’t played that poorly.


We’ve run into a goalie who’s stopping everything being shot at him.

@Kanatenah Feels like this is how the series with Tampa Bay went a couple years ago. I can’t remember his name but he was the goalie on their Stanley Cup teams and we couldn’t get anything past him either in that series.


Portland seems to be settling on a potential MLB stadium site

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Vasilesky with Tampa a few years ago. Shesterkin with the Rangers last year. Bobrovsky this go. Russian goalies haunting the Canes.


F Bob

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This idea has been kicking around for years. I don’t know if they’d actually be able to make this one happen either, but it’s one correctly oriented, baseball-stadium-sized parcel in the middle of the city whose current occupant will probably need to leave soon anyway, so it’d be by far the easiest idea to pull off.

A little further down in the story, FYI. :face_with_monocle:

“But if Cheek’s dream is ever going to become a reality, this feels like the last, best chance to get Rob Manfred’s attention before the MLB commissioner sets his sights on Salt Lake or Nashville, Tennessee, or Charlotte, North Carolina.”

And our downtown south a good spot?

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Watch “party”


What a lovely wake :upside_down_face:

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Canes lose the series 0-4. Even though it sucks to get swept and not make the finals when you’re that close, we were final 4! I call that a great season and lots of exposure for Raleigh!
Already looking forward to next season!


Reported by Axios this morning:

  • (the Canes) drew more total fans (800,566) this season than every team except Montreal.

As horrible as it might sound, I’d rather lose the series on the road instead of at home. When we went 0-2 at home, the writing was on the wall for me.


Would love to go back in time and tell this to someone in 2017 or 2018. I think I would’ve expected them to be in a different city before we reached this level of constant fans.

Tough season killed by the injuries, but I’ll always remember the stadium series and 4OT game at least.

Worst part of being a one horse town is now I have to say “what do I do now?” No baseball team to take my money consistently (sorry Bulls)…for now… :pray:


Just imagine we the best house in the league no one can’t take that, and we get more hungry next year. Imagine if we had MLB in Raleigh.

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According to WRAL the State House should approve the bill early next week and I’m assuming will go to the governor shortly thereafter for signing into law.

Senate gives final approval to sports betting bill; House to concur (wral.com)


Looking forward to seeing the numbers when TST is done. Watching the games on Peacock/YouTube and the stadium is almost full, with other fields going on as well. And this was the only session not sold out.

Excited to get down there, looks like a really great event and one we can hopefully keep around. Read somewhere that they’re expecting 35,000 spectators, around 80% of them local. Not going to hit the tourism tax too hard, but hopefully shows the appetite for soccer for the US Soccer complex.