Raleigh Tourism & National Attraction

So I’m back from vacation, and while I was gone I saw the other NC city tourism agency advertising themselves in the Orlando TV market. So that had me wondering why aren’t the experts at Visit Raleigh not advertising us in other cities even Orlando has advertised on the metro north commuter rail of New York City so how big is our budget. So we get all these upgrades for convention center, PNC arena, all these 40-story hotels and tall buildings that will revolutionize the skyline why are we not advertising overselves to get tourist. So I created this topic since it’s not so much talked about and what do we do to change that. If I was mayor I’d turn Raleigh into a tourist city.


Charlotte doing a tourism ad in Orlando seems money well spent.

Why aren’t we doing the same it feel like no one cares.

I just don’t know what a Charlotte ad would look like in Orlando. “Come see the Hornets and Carowinds!”

I think an ad for our museums and aimed at in-state markets would be fine.


Anything unique for Raleigh to sell ? Some museums I suppose. Nothing particularly charming for someone to see. Could say the same about Charlotte, but they do have a lot of sporting events downtown along with better regional shopping, amusement park etc.

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Why do you assume they are not advertising? Is the basis of this thread even true, or do you just think they are not advertising because you didnt see a Raleigh ad while you were in Orlando?

Perhaps Raleigh needs to advertise immediately after Charlotte (or before) so we don’t assume just because we see one city advertising, clearly that means Raleigh isn’t.

To be fair here… I travel all over the country and I’ve seen plenty of “Charlotte’s Got A Lot” ads, but never seen any for advertising Raleigh. Unless you count the NC State ads during football games, but that is State, not Raleigh :tuffy:. Just saying.

When I was vacationing near Sarasota in the spring I saw TV ads for Asheville a lot.

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Charlotte has a two page spread in Garden & Gun, this last issue I think. Asheville gets all sorts of love in G&G with out spending much money at all.

Thank you how big is Visit Raleigh’s budget or the mayor should allocate funds to the agency.

They aren’t I’ve been to a lot of TV markets there simply not.

Raleigh: “Tired of all those Charlotte ads? Then come here just to spite them”!


Re: ads for cities - Esse quam videri



“Why settle for fake Atlanta when you can get Fake Austin? Raleigh: the Coke Zero of cities”

“There’s a place where southern charm and northern sophistication meet. We’re not sure where it is but you can come to Raleigh and help us try to find it”

“The warm hum of the bass from a band you never heard of drifts through the floor from the basement. Around you, people are cheering for a team you never heard of. The smell of vinegar barbecue, cigarettes, piss, and beer wafts through the musty bar as you walk outside to your table, where your beer you never heard of is frothing romantically in the autumn sunset. Raleigh… it’s a vibe”


I’ve also been to a lot of TV markets and I’ve never seen an ad for Charlotte. Therefore Charlotte is simply not running ads either.

That last part actually sounds very appealing to me for some reason, haha.

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But we have a lot here. We need to use our resources.

okay…that tag line is hideous!

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It’s very open-ended, the kind of slogan that needed to be tested on a panel of middle school boys before final approval:

Charlotte’s Got a Lot…
…of airport gates!
…compared to Rock Hill!
…of mysterious aromas!
…of financial crime!
…of buttholes!
…of reasons to leave!