Raleigh Transit Overlay Districts (TOD)

That might be an oppressive tactic give 8 per minute. I’ll email.

Bumping this up - looks like Council approved a watered down version of the TOD overlay (excluding state-owned property, HOD overlay, and NCOD overlay :roll_eyes:) and then punted on rezonings with the exception of the Exploris property, Duplex village, and the convenince store complex currently owned by the city.

More to come?

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Oh yeah. It’ll be a phased approach throughout the year. I’m hoping they continue with it though and don’t let it sit in limbo. They basically acted on only properties where affordable housing was a real possibility, which includes the 3 sites you mention. They wanted to rezone the former DMV site but the city doesn’t own it yet so they need to wait until that’s done.

I did get a sense that parcels outside the beltline will be rezoned next but the most contentious area, the western area with lots of NCOD and HOD will be left for last, probably after their summer break. It’s going to be a long one.


Really really really hoping that’s the case----I honestly cannot see one single reason imaginable that anything East of WakeMed would be controversial AT ALL. :man_shrugging: Considering most of the people in Raleigh don’t even know this part of the city even exists, it should be a no-brainer. :smirk:


I watched the evening session the other night on YouTube while I ate dinner. I can understand/appreciate their strategy to start picking off sites to get the ball rolling. I think it was Jane who made comment during the meeting that this would continue on for some months to come and after the Summer break (or something like that).

If y’all didn’t see Leo’s latest update on the dtr blog, I highly-recommend. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date. :clap:
Looking forward to hearing them address more parts of it. :+1:


Thanks a lot. I expect the next round of discussion to take place at the April 2 meeting so hopefully we get some progress on this issue then.


Anyone have an estimate on how long the TOD designation will take to show in IMAPS?

I think it’ll be interesting to get a visual on the approved additions beyond the initial request. Particularly the 700 block of E Hargett St, since it’s adjacent to the 600 New Bern property and mostly owned by a single family.

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On April 2, council discussed New Bern TOD, you can watch it below. More sites in the corridor with affordable housing potential were approved for TOD. There were even some sites with NCOD applied previously but those sites, currently empty, have had that overlay removed. Some sites were indeed upzoned, mainly this Lincoln Park block with about 70 properties.

I think this upcoming special meeting in May could start to make things interesting.


The maps have been updated.


ABC11 had this on the council’s recent tour of the district.

Once again, the director of WakeUP Wake County was interviewed and I’m glad he’s continuing to show support to balance out the whines of the LR crowd.


Does anyone know what Dalian’s timeline is for their Exploris School site, I know they want to do grocery anchored retail with apartments above, but nothing since their early March rezoning to allow OX-5 with the intention of going to 7 by including affordable.


Every word of that is news to me, thanks I guess

This may be all killed off this BRT future without Baldwin and a potentially NIMBY filled council after November.

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I’m actually pretty bullish here - if Silver and Christina Jones’ challenger win in A and E, then you have a pretty effective and competent council that’s serious about governing and policy (assuming Cowell wins the mayors race).


I agree. It’s like Raleigh is ran by an incredible oligarchy… Hmm.

We might have a miracle if the Dems stay out of of city races.