Raleigh Transit Overlay Districts (TOD)

Sorry for need of clarification, are you saying the plots in purple that were gonna be 7 stories cap are going to be 5 instead? If so that’s a bit disappointing, considering there’s already a few 5 story buildings there (the cheap motels). I was hoping for way more. At least the TOD encourages mixed-use, I guess. :man_shrugging: Anything’s better than what’s currently there, that’s for sure.


I may rewatch it to make sure I’m understanding what was passed but yes, I feel like the proposal was for 7 but the base height maximum was changed to 5 and council approved that.

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Staff initially recommended 7 but upon further discussion/questions acknowledged that it’s unlikely the density bonus for affordable housing would be used if we grant 7 stories (developers have told us that they can build 2 stories of concrete and then 5/6 stick/wood above, to get to 7/8 stories anything taller requires all concrete/steel and is significantly more expensive). If we approved 7 they’d build to 7 and stop, and the density bonus is meaningless. Approving 5 gives them flexibility up to 7/8 if they use the bonus.

Incentivizing affordable housing is working - we’ve seen more than 100 affordable units permitted through a similar provision in missing middle code at 60% AMI- with NO public subsidy required. That’s huge IMO. To date, 0 affordable units permitted through the “voluntary” inclusion in rezoning requests.


Thank you for taking the time to clear that up. Makes sense!
And I appreciate the city moving forward on this stretch of the TOD. That area needs all the help it can get, and those living nearby appreciate it being on the city’s radar finally. Thanks.


if true, i guess its a good thing for new bern?