RDU Development Maps

I’ve been working, slowly, on a map of development projects that have been covered on here and at UrbanPlanet. It’s certainly a very bare-bones map, and there’s a lot that is missing/incorrect since the map hasn’t been updated since the summer. I also worked on highlighting nodes of massive, urban development (mainly with structures 10 stories or higher planned).

I’d love some help on this, especially since I moved to NYC 6.5 years ago. It’s hard for me to keep track!


First of all, love the visual and thanks for the work to get this together!

My first take away is around the RUSBUS block. I thought (assumed) this was the full block up to the open area of Union Station?

Same question for the CAM block and what’s the small square across the street from Raleigh HQ? Is that supposed to be on the block immediately to the north?

You got the Fairweather but the north side of that block was also rezoned and rumored to be a hotel in the works. The Fairweather thread on here should have more information on the specifics.

Also, there are townhomes planned for the block just to the south of the Fairweather on the north west corner of that block (where Extra Spaces exists).

Not sure if this qualifies but the block to the left of the Fairweather has Sam Jones BBQ going in on the south east corner, and just north of that building (white in the current sat image), Kane has shared images of possibly renovating those warehouses and creating a large outdoor entertainment space with indoor somethingorother. Again, not sure if this qualifies for your map but worth mentioning.

The dirt hole just north of the Raleigh Architecture Company (south of Boulted Bread) is “The Lynde” condos. Supposed to break ground later this year.

I think something might be going on with the plot where Earp’s Seafood is.

Might as well highlight Dix Park as you have with Downtown Raleigh, Midtown, etc.

Up to the block where Cornerstone and The Paramount condos are, the plot just north of The Paramount should be more condos.

The other side of Capital from Kane’s Smoky Hollow Phase 3 is the Zimmer rezone request (to DX-40). If you’re tracking construction that may happen in our lifetime, maybe you don’t include this.

Seaboard Station

There was a hotel rumored on the other side of Peace from Kane’s Smoky Hollow Phase 1.

Maybe highlight Devereux Meadows Park even though we’re a couple years out from ground breaking?

121 Fayetteville

That’s good for now. :slight_smile:


You and @Vatnos should team up. That would be a killer visual.


The TBJ Crane Watch map isn’t always the most up-to-date, but it’s somewhere to start the search for missing developments

I’m not able to see the map above but here’s a map I use to keep track of downtown development.



This is great.

Thanks all for your input. Thankfully I am off for two weeks from my city job with NYCDOT, so I have some time to kill and flesh this out further.