Renovation at Historic Ideal Cleaning Co. & Lumsden Bros. Building

I’m happy to share that the construction at 107 West Hargett (former Father and Son) will start soon and plan for occupancy by Spring 2019. I think this is a fantastic project, preserving some history but also adding some density. Let’s see more of this please and I hope it fills up fast!

107_w_hargett_fands.pdf (1.5 MB)


That’s a very nice project and fitting for Raleigh bringing historic and new together. I am wondering what that means for that block? Was the entire N&O block bought by CA investor (and slated to be redeveloped as soon as N&O moved to Fayetteville St) or just the N&O property?

Is anyone still left in the old N&O?

Just the N&O property was sold. It’s the majority of that block but not all of it.

The N&O has completely moved to Fayetteville St. There are still some folks over at that McLatchy tech center (whatever it is) right next to this project.

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I guess now we wait for the demolition permits and project announcements–all of which should have happened some time before summer and now it’s summer.

Let’s hope this site is going to be a parking lot for couple of years like the Edison.


Gonna need to totally gut and refurbish the interior of that building. It was a wobbler without a right angle in the whole thing.

It was built on and around an even older building…a long narrow warehouse of some sort. Back in those days, hauling a load of perfectly good bricks to the landfill was a last resort…so things got reused fairly often. But sometimes ended up less then perfectly solid.

Everything past the first 30’ or so (from Hargett) will get gutted and replaced with a steel frame. I think the design calls for preserving the wood floors in the front of the building and not much else.

I’m with Leo on this. Would love to see Raleigh achieve more density through projects like this.

I could see something similar done to the Hamlin Drug building on E. Hargett. Has anyone heard anything about that property?

I hope the architectural elements inside, get salvaged too. There is a ton of pressed tin ceiling tile, and some great door moldings and doors. 100% for the creative approach though.

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Hamlin’s current building was built in the 1960’s replacing a building I would guess was 1880’s vintage. This is a top gripe of mine RE modernist stuff…older stuff was ripped out with impunity in the name of better design or something. As far as I am concerned, the current Hamlin building can be leveled. The materials and techniques used to build it are still in use today, therefore salvage or reuse would only be in the spirit of good environmental stewardship and not historical.

Appears work has begun with the renovations and additions to Lumsden Bros AKA old “Father and Son”.
I’m glad they are keeping the original store front.


Aw damn they ripped the back of the building off. I was partial to the warehouse-y aspect of that piece, plus there was an older building incorporated into the current 3 story building…its exterior walls were still visible inside Father and Sons…that that’s gone too.



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That back portion was built between 1903 and 1909 according to Sanborn maps. Interesting that the front portion was added to existing warehouse sometime after 1914 (again Sanborn…)

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They have began tearing down the rest of the structure in the back.


Ah this kind of sucks now. It’s totally gutted. All the cool historic aspects of its interior that I loved are gone. It lent itself to a sweet 4 apartment setup with some upfitting on the second and third floors. I’m glad I took the 100 or pics I did before F&S moved.

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Quick shot through the front windows.



Hm, not sure I’d call this a renovation anymore at this point! More like salvaging a facade.