Residential Infill along New Bern - Edenton

Who is the developer? What’s the project name? Any idea of price points?

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  1. Five Horizons
  2. North State Street Condos
  3. Probably $600k


damn, this dates back to 2018.

I thought Five Horizons was no more… if y’all recall, they became Merge Capital, and were behind the ambitious concepts for Park City South and South Park. Interestingly, the Five Horizons website is back online while I can’t find the Merge Capital website anymore.


Yea it’s confusing, they’ve owned this lot for a while. I wonder if they went through legal trouble with their HVAC issues on Oak City Overlook(I think that’s the name) on New Bern. Those look to have corrected the problems and should be on the market soon.


I don’t think that was Five Horizons? Can’t find any mention of them anywhere. It seems like the builder Verde Homes may have been the developer on Oak City Overlook.

Five Horizons is behind Oak City Overlook and Vista - Verde is just the builder.

Verde is the builder and developer of Oak City Overlook and Oak City Vista up the street at 908 New Bern Ave. 801 New Bern Development LLC on the tax records is Verde.

I guess technically you’re both right, but 5 Horizons submitted the plans to the city as the owner and developer, then shortly after breaking ground or getting approval, they either sell or create a small company that only manages one job. They’ve done this on several projects and I’m not exactly sure why, maybe someone can explain it to me, I just figured for tax or legal reasons.

Curious. I guess 5H bought the properties, got the new plats done, got all the initial approvals done and sold it off in full or partially. Maybe he is just acting as land developer vs building developer.
Either way I bet these new units are in line/similar to the other two projects.