Rockway (formerly Park City South) - Saunders/Lake Wheeler Apartments and Retail

I did not put the :goat: emoji as a joke, it is a suggestion for who they should “hire” to do the job.

Goats are one of the preferred methods of kudzu control. They did this at Centennial Campus. When it comes to kudzu control, goats are the GOAT.

You have to bring back the goats for two years in a row, because the roots will sprout back - but it does the job.


So what you’re saying is the GOATs will have an endless supply of food. I see that as a win win.

Bring the GOATs!

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Ok, so we’re all in favor of the goats? @JonathanMelton how can we get this up for a vote with the Council?


They are using goats at the Hammond Road apartments, which I just learned are the Allora Southview apartments. Had been wondering why there were goats at the entrance!


Mural is going up on the parking deck. Was driving so couldn’t get a pic.


This stretch of greenway is weirdly underutilized even on nice days in the spring. Parts of Crabtree Greenway actually get busy when the weather is nice but I barely ever see anyone out here. Granted it’s not the most scenic, and sometimes smells like a sewer line owing to the sewer line that runs next to it, but otherwise it’s perfectly functional.
Does everyone living downtown have a gym in their building? Maybe it needs better signage or something? I don’t get it.

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Had no idea it existed. Also not a ton of housing in that area just yet.

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Besides the new development, there isn’t a lot of housing nearby or any on street connections.

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Agreed. The entrance right next to Rockway is bounded by a busy road with tiny sidewalks (Saunders), a road with no sidewalks (Lake Wheeler), Gateway Park Apts (relatively low density for multi-family), and the construction for Rockway which has removed the sidewalk along Saunders nearest to the greenway entrance anyway. Within the walkshed of this section of the trail, other than Dix Park and Heritage Park Apts (also relatively low-density for multi-family), there is… all the auto repair businesses along Saunders, another large construction project, a cemetery, some light industrial businesses, SFHs and a huge amount of land used by the nearby roads and highway interchanges.

I live only a few miles away near Chavis / Little Rock Tr, which connects to this trail via Walnut Creek Tr. As a relatively frequent user of this section of the greenway, I’m hoping that in the future there will be more actual destinations near trailheads in the future. Right now they are mostly only useful for recreation / exercise.




oh! Allow me to stop myself!


Yeah there’s not much housing in the immediate vicitinity, but the Saunders St entrance is a mile from the Capitol, closer to the Warehouse District and Boylan Heights. For anyone on the west side of downtown, it’s your neighborhood greenway. Or for folks commuting to campus, it’s a nice alternative to Hillsborough. Just needs better connections to the grid.


I used that stretch to commute from home to NCSU for about 8 years. I bought a home that was close enough to the greenway that I could make that work. Now I use it to commute to my (much closer) job.

Rockway was ORIGINALLY supposed to have a bridge connection to the greenway, from the backside of the property. I assume that’s been value engineered out of the final plan but that would be a good connection.


Also. I *@&ing love this font. I want this font all over the city.


Parking deck camouflage effort in progress!

Is there really a phase 2?


Perhaps I missed it, but why does the signage on this building say “The Row”? I thought they were calling this Rockway?

There is so much going on in this post. I am trying to take it all in.


I believe this is technically 2 buildings but joined by a somewhat hidden skybridge. You have Rockway on the end but the “middle/back” building is The Row. :person_shrugging:


I wondered the same thing

This building, as phase one, is being called The Row. Phase two will be The Heath, and phase three will be Lynde Hill Lofts. Rockaway is the name of the entire development.


They have started painting the parking deck. Should look a lot better once finished.