SEHSR (Southeast High Speed Rail) and the S-Line Corridor

i usually go to back to visit the fair each year. i would love for that area to be more bikeable.


It’s the one thing that’s walkable to me! Well, that and Cames games.


Yes, they’re only showing towns which had gone in on the USDOT grant funding. Cary is funding its own TOD planning.


Update: looks like they’re floating the idea of extending the Piedmont up the S-Line. The article @apbassett linked here includes this quote from the NCDOT Rail Director:

“We applied this year for an FRA federal-state partnership construction grant for the (17-mile) S-Line segment from Raleigh to Wake Forest, N.C. The goal is to develop serviceable sections that will allow extending Piedmont service north,” says Orthner, pointing out, “it is the most complicated segment where we have already received federally-matched grants for highway grade separation construction.”


The shinkansen trains typically come in 8 or 16 train car configuration. I walked tip to tip and basically no amount of redesigning will allow the RUS to handle a 16 car shinkansen at all. Heck, you would need a station platform 3/4 the length of Downtown Raleigh. :exploding_head:

For sure, the distant future goal for the city should be to acquire a portion or all of the NC Central Prison eventually as its the only way to host such behemoths if HSR ever happens.

The alternative is a ‘Shin’ station or new station that is generally away from the city center like many cities in Japan have but it’s not an ideal situations.