Show Off Things From Other Cities

and time went poof too

The poor crane operator though. That must have been terrifying.


Two people are missing . . . according to the papers. I hope they find them safe.

Good pics and info in the Axios article. Hope the two people missing make it. Forgot until now that there is a retirement community literally on the other side of the traffic circle from where the fire was…great job by the fire department keeping it contained.

My office is about 7 miles from there, we could all smell the smoke when one of my coworkers opened the door for a minute to load something in his car.


They didn’t mention anyone missing - so that is excellent. It is just crazy how big the fire is when these places burn.

Thanks for sharing. Just a minor comment, but this horrible event took place in South Park (upscale mall area), not South End (transit oriented district south of Uptown). Had it occurred there it would have possibly been even more disastrous due to the difficulty of getting fire equipment into the dense neighborhood and number of adjacent wood-frame apartment buildings!


Oof. Good catch. Yeah, that matters. Those are definitely not the same places! It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Charlotte. I had no idea South Park was so built up. I think I’m due for some exploring.

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Same. Next DTR meetup is a train trip to Charlotte? Lol


Ugh looks like this is worse news. Sad for all the people involved and their families.

I saw an article this morning that confirmed 2 dead.

Downtown Greensboro from the Carolinian tonight!


Judging by the crane, looks like the city of Greensboro is building a Weston Hotel downtown. The developer, Bob Carroll, is building a 20 story Hotel.


Yeah the crane is the Westin Hotel. They’ve completed concrete on the parking deck podium and the hotel will go above it.

Roy Carroll is building the Aloft just South of the ballpark. There’s also a residential portion he’s building there. Both will be wrapping a parking deck the city built recently.


I had looked up on and came across Bob Carroll project, the parking deck is already built, so they are going to build around it, to the right of the picture, the tower is to the right, the Aloft hotel in the middle and apartments to the left.


Correct. That appears to be the renderings before there was a plan revision. I think the current plans reduced or eliminated the office tower. We bid some items on it initially but our scopes were removed in the redesign. Kinda stopped paying attention to it at that point hence why my memory is fuzzy.

Anyways, no matter which version is moving forward it’ll be some good added density to Greensboro’s downtown. There’s a glut of surface parking lots, so a reduction of those is a win in my book


Speaking of Greensboro, I saw this article floating around on LinkedIn today. Looks like the big Toyota battery/electric vehicle plant is moving along. Article says it’ll be in production by 2025.

Toyota about to ramp up job hiring for North Carolina plant (


These things keep central Florance so much cleaner that Rome and its trash cans.


This is a little off-topic, apologies for that. I feel like the plans for any mystery project in Raleigh can be determined by at least somebody on this forum, not to mention the bot that lists out all the DT ones.

Is there anything like that, searchable by address or using a map overlay, for Durham? Downtown projects are the most interesting, but often there’s at least a news story or a developer mentioning it that I can Google. Next to the highway (I-885), I often see land being cleared for some new project, but I can’t seem to navigate Durham’s city website. I found a map but it seems to be 2 years out of date. For instance, this project below is a complete mystery to me.

Thanks for any help, and again, sorry for essentially showing off what another city doesn’t have apparently.


Renders of site plans are hard oftentimes hard to come by… but what you may be looking for is found at

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Durham has a Development Cases map. Link to this plot. Unless something has changed, it’s slated to be a self-storage facility.

Date Desc Status
Nov 2020 Application to rezone two plots (2104 & 2112 Ellis Road) Approved
Oct 2021 Application to build 787 self-storage across 3 buildings Approved
May 2022 Application to combine two tracts into one tract Approved