Show Off Things From Other Cities

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If I had my way without worrying about trifling things like cost or feasibility, the City would implement the restoration of the original Dix Hospital and reconstruction of the Central Pavilion and use that as a new central library. The restoration is already flagged in the Dix master plan but its use is just noted as “public spaces”. I can’t think of a better use for that space.

PS doubles as a screw-you to Cary, Charlotte, etc… look upon our works, ye mighty, and despair.


Very interesting recent development/city from Guatemala.


As a lifelong Padres fan, I can also say they have a better team…

Greetings from the megalopolis of Macon, North Carolina!


Gosh, I didn’t know anyone grew any tobo more. Beautiful shots @MisfitFirefighter

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That’s funny. They still grow 'bacco in Wake County lol!

You see it all over the place out by Greenville - it’s definitely still around!


Durham’s tower of power is coming along.

The seafoam green everyone loves has made its way over here. Very impressive collection of apts in DTD.


Durham got it first and we were jealous. It’s the Durham Bulls and DPAC all over again…

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Oh no. It’s like the orange carpet and puke green appliances of the 1970s. Just like those color choices, seafoam green is not a great color choice. It will date these buildings and not in a good way. But oh well, guess we need to get ready for more of this color in the design palate.

Good thing they invented paint.

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That Atlas building is just God awful.


I think that’s the one that has Dssolvr brewing coming in. So it’s got one tiny redeeming factor. But yeah we go by that weekly and other than the fact it replaced essentially nothing and now provides housing, it’s pretty awful. Worst of all the new construction in that area for sure.

In other Durham news (maybe should get its own dedicated thread?) more lab space will be coming. Durham has been quietly upping its lab game with Pairwise putting their facility next to Hi-Wire, and some more labs in the block next to the Farmer’s Market. I had a chance to work in the Chesterfield building for a while, and it was so pleasant working in a downtown instead of RTP for once. It’s proof labs can work in an urban context (of course Euro cities do it… so we can too). Lab work is something that cannot be done remotely and it’s a major employment sector in the region. Raleigh should absolutely get in on this and double down on lab space. Maybe an idea for the Citrix lot? That is clearly the future of the office market for now.


Technically Kane and that other developer are trying to do that in North Hills with the Innovation District and all that.


North Hills on steroids, or done correctly. Public transit, pocket parks, retail, office, apartments, artwork…


Where is that???

Seaport District in Boston

Oh, wow. I used to travel there a lot for work. I don’t even recognize it anymore.

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