Smoky Hollow Phases 1, 2, and 3

looks like a nice place to rest your dogs


Omg it’s opening now! Ironically gonna be meeting friends at New Anthem this afternoon. I hope there’s tons of dogs around!


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Anyone got updates on tenants for Smoky Hollow?

Don’t believe it’s been announced. But looks like on their website that Noire The Nail Bar will be joining the hollow.

But what happened to Crunkleton?

Any word if the rumors of a pizza place going into the old J. Lights spot is true?

Also feel like I heard awhile back that an Indian restaurant might be joining?

With New Anthem, Madre, and Midwood, Smoky Hollow has definitely started to come to life with foot traffic.


From my inbox:

Raleigh, NC (September 12, 2023) Kane Realty Corporation, along with Williams Realty & Building Company and Lionstone Investments, are excited to announce three tenants that will soon be a part of the Smoky Hollow community – Alaksha’s Indian Bistro, Morelia Gourmet Paletas, and Noire The Nail Bar.

“We are thrilled to welcome these three businesses to Smoky Hollow,” said Stacey Buescher, Managing Director of Operations of Kane Realty Corporation. “From fitness studios and beauty services to beverage partners and dynamic dining, it is important that our retail tenant mix is well-rounded, and patrons of Smoky Hollow are offered a unique experience for every part of their day.”

Alaksha Surti is the executive chef and owner of Curry in a Hurry, the popular Indian food truck which has been featured on the Food Network and the Cooking Channel. She also has two quick-service restaurants inside the Morgan Street Food Hall in downtown Raleigh and the Old North State Food Hall in Selma. Now, Surti is very excited to expand her business to a full-service in Smoky Hollow. “When guests walk through my doors at Alaksha’s Indian Bistro, I want them to have a culinary experience with all their senses. It’s going to be a journey like no other – a true gateway to India,” said Surti.

Morelia Gourmet Paletas offers handcrafted gourmet popsicles and gourmet ice cream bars (aka paletas) made in small batches with fresh, high-quality, natural ingredients. The concept is named after Morelia, the capital city of the State of Michoacán in Mexico, where it is believed the first handcrafted fresh popsicles, paletas, originated. The first location opened in Coral Gables, Miami in 2016 by two longtime friends with a mission to bring the concept to the U.S. The company now has 10 locations nationwide in North Carolina, Florida and Texas.

Noire The Nail Bar is a local full-service nail salon with one other Raleigh location. The luxurious, modern inspired salon offers signature spa pedicure and manicure treatments, stunning nail designs, top brand name products, waxing services, and a warm, welcoming space.


I’m most excited about that last one. Hopefully they can wax my car while giving me some horror movie monster nails like the kids vibe at nowadays. Am I doing this right?

No you aren’t. You are too old. :wink:

According to one of the New Anthem employees there’s someone trying to open up a pizza slice shop right next door. Owner of New Anthem wants to cut a hole in the wall so they can share business.


I always said a pizza shop and a coffee shop was needed to complete Smoky Hollow. One more to go.

EDIT: Oh, and a bodega would be nice. But I know, I know…

We all know John Kane ain’t letting that happen.


Bodega not necessarily the most needed thing in this particular development considering there’s an entire grocery store right there, though. I’m happy to see more niche businesses open up.


True, I still think there’s an untapped market for a small convenience store that’s open until 12-1am in SH, especially since Publix closes at 10pm and all the foot traffic from Glenwood is literally right there. There’s simply not enough walkable neighborhood spots like that throughout DTR, which is something that baffles me to this day and keeps DTR from feeling like a true downtown somewhat.


IMO, it’s crazy that Publix closes at 10. It should at least be open another hour.


This. I get that all the other Publix’s close at 9-10pm, but when considering the location, they could’ve at least stretched the hours to 11pm, if not 12am.

Now that I think about it, since Lowe’s Foods & Harris Teeter both reduced their hours, I think Wegmans may be the only grocery store in the city that stays open til 12am now…


I would expect Glenwood South Pharmacy and Market to be open later. SH closes earlier. Madre appears to be the only thing open past 11 in SH. New Anthem closes at 11.

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Man…ain’t nobody that’s sober going to the store that late. Get high go home and order GoPuff.

Pretty sure Food Lion still stays open until 12am, granted they’re not all that close to downtown.

Coming out of the pandemic but still being very careful, I found myself shopping either really early in the AM at Publix or between 11-Midnight at Wegmans.


I can’t imagine it being worth their while to be open to what would likely be mostly drunk kids buying snacks and more alcohol. We know how GS looks after a Saturday night. Imagine that but in the grocery store. I also can’t imagine employees signing up for those shifts either.


My first experience with GoPuff was interesting. Someone was dropping off a delivery at 3 or 4 am at our complex. They asked us if we were expecting a delivery. We had stated no and asked which apartment they were looking for. We happened to see them out near the parking lot. I was surprised there were deliveries that late or early.

Oh wow I would’ve never guessed that Madre closed later than anything else out there. I would’ve for sure put my money on New Anthem or Midwood Smokehouse taking that title.

I wonder if Kane would even allow any of the tenants in SH to stay open until 2am. He has to have realized that DTR is nothing like North Hills by this point.