"SoHi" and Developments Along South Wilmington (South DTR)

Is it closed? Ive seen it with patrons here recently and Google says its still open (opens at 9pm holy guacamole!). Does look dead during the day. To your point it is an eyesore with a lot of parking. However, there are plenty more lots on S Wilmington that I’d rather have developed. For Meeker and crew, this one was probably ideal because they could buy the lot and still have cashflow through the permitting process.


:thinking: hmm…the site is down for the Blue Martini and I have not seen anyone there. Could have just been the times when I’ve driven by. I’ll find out.

According to IMAPs SoHi owns it and last sold 2019.

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But t the here should be hard and nightclubs gotta accommodate the college students.

Hit the wire today. Rezoning request for several properties to 20 stories. Would be huge for the area in general, but also the new BRT station up the block.


I believe there’s also going to eventually be a separated bike lane along Wilmington.

This one seems to be an interesting rezoning for the new council…Certainly well ahead of the theoretical densification of this BRT nodes


From 3 stories to 20 down South Wilmington. That should be a fantastic compliment for the BRT line.



There we go! Now we’re talking, let’s connect DTR to DTS!!!

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I think this will be the much anticipated new district: South Downtown South.

OR Downtown South South aka DTS²


Home of MLB Raleigh too Wake up Steve Malik Major League Baseball to Raleigh the Raleigh Monarchs team.

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Let’s call it what it really is: SOD (South Of Downtown). Has a nice ring to it.

“You obviously can’t handle downtown proper. Why don’t you sod off to SOD?!”

It’ll catch on, trust me… :zipper_mouth_face:


Now this is the type of BRT route density I’m looking for!



And be automatically approved cause of TOD.

I don’t believe the TOD overlay has actually been implemented yet. Which is frustrating.


What’s taking them so long? I’m telling this city needs to get it’s act together.

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Need this approved ASAP. Do we know if it’s been scheduled for a vote?


Not to my knowledge. Pretty sure they’re doing each corridor separately. Lots of community engagement, trying to ensure the needs of current residents are heard and considered. Granted, rezoning an entire corridor simultaneously is a heavy lift, so I get it. At the same time, if I see another Kmart to Harris Teeter conversion, I’m gonna be real upset.


Maywood mafia needs their cut first.

This development, a partnership between Atlas Stark and Carpenter Development, opened its public hearing last night (but pushed the approval vote out two weeks for some storm water conditions) could indeed be a nice catalyst for the Wilmington corridor ahead of BRT (in, checks calendar, 2032 or so - ***which is like 50%sarcasm, 50% things take a long time but hope not)…