"SoHi" and Developments Along South Wilmington (South DTR)

Will start this new thread with the SoHi project and any future dev along Wilmington to the south of DTR.


Can someone remind me (link me plz) what this SoHi project was?

And agree @GucciLittlePig a tall building would have been a much welcome view instead of the prison!

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It was supposed to be this ultra-green development announced back in 2019 ish. Been delayed a bunch as @OakFolk pointed out. I think originally the cidery that’s now going in the East End development was going to go here.


Is SoHi back in the works? This is walking distance from my house.

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That’s what it looks like. @OakFolk mentioned this in the Trophy expansion thread:

I believe for the SoHi permit they have to break ground by Feb 2023. I had word they’ve been trying to break ground ASAP but financially it may work out better for the delayed opening of 2024 when DTS will also be opening its first concepts.


Probably best to play this one slow amidst the continued materials spike since it has lofty goals for its green bona fides. It’d be interesting to see a benchmark for that kinda thing around here and its location between DTR / Garner seems well targeted, so I hope the patience pays off.

Agreed, I’m sure if successful it’ll have a knock on effect on future developments around the area. Anything successful usually have copycat attempts. I’ve noticed recently there’s two new developments planning to use repurposed shipping containers in their overall design after the successful delivery of the Boxyard RTP (The Yard Raleigh and The Bend).

Boxyard seems well executed from a tenant perspective.
It’s nice to see that concept planned for areas with greater urbanity / walkability…

The original plan of the 4 individual 2-story buildings is now 1 longer building. Looks nice. Hopefully they can get some interesting and creative uses here like they originally planned.


Not directed at anyone in particular, but can we please stop making up 4 letter words to give every new neighborhood or development that pops up?

SmoHo, SoHi, NoDa, Emo, Gitmo, FedEx, whatever.


Gruuuumpy Cat!!!


Most of your examples have 3 or 5 letters…



What does SoHi even mean? Serious question. Sounds like more hipster bullshit tbh


It’s short for “So High,” indicating very intoxicated on what, I believe, the kids these days call “reefer” or “grass.” I can only assume from the name that the area will be used for this purpose.


kind of a really bad pick up line. Walking up to girl and say So Hi and then just stare hoping she will say something nice back!!! :nerd_face:

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South of the Highway


More renderings:


Will be great to get some revitalization in that area. Getting rid of the Blue Martini Bar and Lounge is an excellent step.

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I’m curious why getting rid of that Particular bar is a good step?

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Large lot close to downtown that can be an excellent catalyst for future development opportunities that compliment downtown south and revamp an area that has seen very little investment located on a major downtown corridor. Also sits right on a proposed BRT line and would be an excellent mass transit stop. Also the bar is permanently closed and just sitting at this time.