South Park Neighborhood - Warehouses, Old Greyhound, and Cargill Site

Would love to see any development for shops / restaurants or even a small grocery store. With all the new development you would think some developers would get ideas. I know the corner shop on Bragg / Blount is being sold to a new owner but not sure what they plan to do with it once it’s finished being rennovated.


There was of course the proposal for the lot immediately south of The Grey, the old warehouses next to the gas station, but there’s been no movement on that for what, three years now? I assume it’s functionally dead. We really need something added here. There was OUAT a neighborhood commercial element in the Passage Home proposal for the Hoke/Garner project, but a) I don’t know if it’s still part of the proposal, and b) that whole thing is like an end-of-the-decade completion anyway. The neighborhood would really benefit from neighborhood commercial now.


I see things happening in those warehouses regularly but never quite sure what’s going on. definitely still getting limited private use

I made this to post in another thread where it really made no sense but, there’s a disused/dismantled rail spur that runs from the current Walnut Creek Greenway up to Hoke St, and that is city owned, and could be turned into a greenway spur to enhance connection from the greenway system into the city. I get that maybe there are some concerns about building this particular spur out but actually might be pretty useful for folks.

Anyway, The Grey is in grey, Summit at Sawyer is in gold, Toulon Place is in red, South Heights townhouses is in blue, and the Passage Home assemblage is in pink. And the greenway is the dashed line at the bottom, with the possible spur in purple.


I see what you did there, and I approve.