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Put simply, drop in a link to a Raleigh Tweet, YouTube video or mention, Thread, Insta post, etc so others in the forum can see and react/like it. The more we support these posts that are being seen by lots of non-Raleigh people, the better it is for our city!

I’ll start with the post that gave me the idea which is from the RUS thread. Click over and like the video but more importantly, comment about our amazing train station!


Give this video some love!!!
Not in this forum, go to YouTube and like it!


I already did that! :wink:

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Had a rare galavant on the town last night with a old college buddy. State of beer, to Aunt Betty’s, to Neptunes, to Ark Royale. Everywhere we went felt lively and spirited. Met a group of mid-20 somethings that were impressively mature and conversational with careers beyond where I was at their age. Ran into some familiar faces. Great times were had at all 4 places! The secret room in Ark Royale is an awesome place to chill with a cocktail. Made me feel younger than I am lol.


My friends and I got mezcal tasting flights in the back patio at Gallo Pelon last night - similar vibes. Super fun time, learned a lot, and drank delicious booze!


We went to State of Beer on Tuesday to wait for our Red Hat show to get canceled right as the weather cleared. We went to Dram and Draught, and then it was dark and I got scared, so we went home.


More like State of Fear!

A comment about Raleigh’s recent urban improvements has gotten some engagement on the latest Oh the Urbanity video and is currently sitting at the top if anyone wants to weigh in on the conversation


Yeah, that’s my comment!


I wasn’t able to find your comment, @John

Can I tag you in it? Is that a thing with YT comments?

If you filter by “Top” comments it’s the 2nd most liked comment, with 430ish

Interesting video about the history of passenger rail in Atlanta and a possible future. It calls out North Carolina as a model for investing in rail. It also includes a picture of Roy Cooper in Raleigh Union Station.

Is it time to bring passenger rail back to Atlanta? (