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The one(s) claiming St. Marys is “dangerous” for bike riders are hilariously brain-dead to me. It’s literally one of the nicest, least busy, and relaxing streets to bike down already lmao. Bike lanes would just make it even more so.


I’ve biked down St. Mary’s. I don’t prefer it on my regular bike, but the ebike has been fine. There’s really nothing being changed such as lanes or parking and people are still against it. I would like it on both sides, but that would lose the parking. If people are complaining without losing parking I can only imagine when the parking is lost.

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I should also clarify I have an e-bike as well haha. Still, point stands! It’s not “dangerous” as some people are claiming, and bike lane(s) would only make it that much safer, so what a ridiculous statement.


would a question like “i support “a” saint marys bike project but not as it is currently proposed” have clarified and maybe got more percentage points?

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