Tempo by Hilton Hotel & Homewood Suites

I wouldn’t consider EIFS a common material for high-rises; it’s considered one of the cheapest/lowest-quality materials on the market… the kind that only gets selected for low-budget projects, typically low/mid-rise.

Also worth noting that many firms (mine included) do not design barrier systems as a matter of policy for liability purposes. That is what EIFS in its cheapest form generally is – it integrates insulation, waterproofing, and cladding into a single system, which makes it particularly susceptible to water intrusion compared to a rainscreen system, which will have a cavity separating the cladding from continuous insulation and a water resistive barrier.


soooo in the interview about all the foam falling, did anyone notice the guy complaining about how bad the foam is but yet… has a vape as an attachment…a vape … i think i know the real problem…

Walked by here today. Omg the styrofoam snow was everywhere! I could barely see Whiskey Kitchen through the blizzard.

Took this picture of one of the snowbanks.


I was at ArtExplosure yesterday caught a nice angle.


I have noticed that the construction office for the hotel has been getting fixed up. Anybody have any idea what this is going to be?


From the plans I saw, It’s a bar/comedy club


HOLD UP… where did you see such plans???

it’s going to be a nightclub with a small venue with a stage outside where the dumpster is sitting. Talked with the owner.


Can you post a link to these plans?

Current pics:


Back side…


the blue looked better.


They’re rotating through all the colors before they settle on one. The renderings were tan and red, then changed to black. The insulation was yellow and purple, then covered with blue, and now white. What color is next??

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This is the finished surface of the EIFS, so unless they paint it (which would be unusual), that’s the final product.

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Maybe they will slap on some seafoam green accents? Could be nice…


I guess I was hoping for some more black, but the rendering doesn’t show the back side, so you’re probably right.

Although yeah, some nice seafoam green accents would be AMAZING!!


You’d think folx would give more time / attention to detailing their backsides, errr…wait a sec… :grin:

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I had thought it was just a marketing ploy. Maybe they should have re-thought that color choice. :nauseated_face:

The white is going to get filthy in a hurry. Not a good color choice in our area.

If there was only such a thing called paint to fix the situation.