Tempo by Hilton Hotel & Homewood Suites

That’s actually not a zoning issue. Request for valet parking is a right of way access issue. They typically appear on our consent agenda at the request of the applicant, like parking permits for residential neighborhoods, loading zones, etc.


I wouldn’t consider EIFS a common material for high-rises; it’s considered one of the cheapest/lowest-quality materials on the market… the kind that only gets selected for low-budget projects, typically low/mid-rise.

Also worth noting that many firms (mine included) do not design barrier systems as a matter of policy for liability purposes. That is what EIFS in its cheapest form generally is – it integrates insulation, waterproofing, and cladding into a single system, which makes it particularly susceptible to water intrusion compared to a rainscreen system, which will have a cavity separating the cladding from continuous insulation and a water resistive barrier.


soooo in the interview about all the foam falling, did anyone notice the guy complaining about how bad the foam is but yet… has a vape as an attachment…a vape … i think i know the real problem…

Walked by here today. Omg the styrofoam snow was everywhere! I could barely see Whiskey Kitchen through the blizzard.

Took this picture of one of the snowbanks.


I was at ArtExplosure yesterday caught a nice angle.


I have noticed that the construction office for the hotel has been getting fixed up. Anybody have any idea what this is going to be?


From the plans I saw, It’s a bar/comedy club


HOLD UP… where did you see such plans???

it’s going to be a nightclub with a small venue with a stage outside where the dumpster is sitting. Talked with the owner.


Can you post a link to these plans?