Tempo by Hilton Hotel & Homewood Suites

There are no power lines at the hotel. They were removed. They start up just after the hotel.

Other than progress on the exterior walls (which still aren’t complete) what exactly are you referring to with "the eye test’? That’s about all you can see from the photos.

And I’m not sure how much Covid has to do it…the much larger 400N started construction after Tempo did

ooooooh I like these brackets.


Her a view of little bit of progress


have you seen the inside ? cause just about all you can see is the exterior so how do you know where there at with progress, for all we know the chik fil a could be opened in 2 months

I just said it seemed to be moving really slow. Just an observation and I still feel that way. Wouldn’t expect that to ruffle so many feathers, lol.

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What is going on with this Hotel? It looks like construction has completely stopped! Does anyone have any clues as to what the delay is?

They were unloading material at lunch today, but beyond that …

It’s just weird how it looks mostly finished on one side and the back, but this one section has been left behind.


I’ve been told on this thread that 2 1/2 - 3 yrs is completely normal for a 13 story hotel…so what do I know? lol

i’m going to personally ask for an in inside tour to see the interior progress, to see how far along they are.
stay posted for updates


I’m waiting with bated breath.

You may have to wait to go in until the soft opening in 2028

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I toured this project last week and there are tons of work happening in the interior. Sometimes the exterior work takes a little longer to make sure everything is waterproofed.


got access and they are well beyond to the 1st floor with framing, cabinetry is up. brick supply is at a hault, reason for the exterior slow down. brick is coming in 2 weeks, we will see progress shortly.


Lobby looks like it’ll be pretty nice