Tempo by Hilton Hotel & Homewood Suites

haha, I was just laughing at the bottom corner . . .

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you can see which way the masons are working, which it towards the corner? and yes agreed some progress is better than no progress

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Construction elevator gone. Most of the elevating scaffolding gone.


Omg they are finally covering up that bottome right corner! Maybe this will actually get done someday, and we can have our spring meetup on their rooftop.

Thanks for the pics, I was gonna try to walk by tomorrow to see how it’s going. I could see the yellow where the construction elevator used to be, in the distance from the South St webcam.


Spring of what year?

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idk what year cause i just seen a delorean pull into the parking

Just gonna throw this out here… You have not introduced yourself to me or, more importantly, bought me a beer. You strike me as a pig pretender.

Anyways, they’re finally making progress on the weird empty sections


I legit assumed that @GucciBigpig was your dad LMAO! Need to see a pic of y’all meeting IRL. Also, this building is - dare I say it? - becoming quite attractive! :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :astonished: