Temporary COVID-19 Thread

I wanted to post this thread just because of the developments occuring. Coronavirus is taking a big role in how our lives have changed and announcements or other news about this pandemic can go here. Once this dies down, this thread will not be pertinent and therefore should be closed. However, for the time being, this is very important. In other news, Wake issued a stay at home order effective tomorrow. We will get through this.

Listing of businesses that are exempt from having to close.


Did my first Telehealth visit, today. But, one has to assume that 80-year olds have a smartphone or webcam.


I just went to the liquor store and they said apparently they’ll be staying open. Stocked up just in case. Always nice to have an excuse to buy new kinds of bourbon and scotch. Plus, I filled up on gas for only 1.59 so I saved money somewhere…LOL

Went in to work for the first time in a week for a few hours. Apparently the lab portion of our business is considered essential, since there’s medicines, diagnoses, and treatments based on our work that patients still need. I’m just feeling very fortunate that I still have a job! And can mostly work at home.


What’s your coronascotch fave? I had to do that so it’s on topic. :slight_smile:

I love Oban, but damn it is expensive…Trying something cheaper because I like its gimmick.

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Is there any indication about exercise, as in walking along city streets or greenways, or about construction projects being able to continue?

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love that shirt :revolving_hearts:

Anything Islay is my jam. Love the peat!


You can still go out for walks, to the grocery store to get take out etc. you just can’t congregate or spend time with people outside of your household. Not sure about the construction projects.

Anyone seen “The Handmaid’s Tale”? :worried:


Exemptions include construction so I think they can continue if they want to.

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The alcohol stores are open for the alcoholics who would go to the hospital for withdrawal and there’s no room for that.


Me too @GucciLittlePig. I’m getting in the groove of working remote full time. Stay on routine (get up, get shower, get dressed, get coffee), two sanity walks per day, walking away at the end of the day. Very fortunate to work for a company that put this in place is and paying all of us. Our technology is weathering the storm and how WebEx, etc. had handled this I’ll never know. Super props to Citrx, etc.


Now my dilemma is: Are people going to go through another panic buying phase with the shelter in place order?

We have been holding off running to the store for every little thing. And it is now naturally time to go to the grocery store to restock some food. Am I going to get swamped at the store with a bunch of folks panic buying for shelter in place?

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If it’s really bad, consider Weaver Street Market. Also, the Harris Teeter on Glenwood at Oberlin Road seems to be calm. Also, the Harris Teeter on Creedmoor road just north of Crabtree Valley Mall is it as busy as some of the other ones.


I consider Weaver St even when it’s really good! :grin:


Weaver Street reported that online ordering is coming very soon. As soon as thats out, if you drive, they will load your stuff up for you. No contact. No problem. :+1:


We received a letter to deliver to our subcontractors so they won’t be hassled. Many residential workers are or work closely with someone that is not 100% legal with their work visa, so many have been spooked by the whole thing. More scared of ICE than COVID


Don’t forget about the farmers market, almost zero crowd there yesterday. Lots of good vegetables, various places to get eggs. Meat and eggs also in the inside part. Locals seafood was closed, pretty sure it was because I was there later afternoon. Capital Seafood is also open across the street. Good luck!