Terrible new anti-bike bill

New bill would require bike riders to register bicycles with DMV and pay fee for riding on the road. This bill seems like a step in an attempt to discourage bike riding and to promote car-dependency. Can we call on the calvary to stop this?


The idea that a fee will pay for pro-bike infrastructure is a joke. Collecting the fees and maintaining the records will cost more than the fees, nevermind the cost to enforce the rule.

The bill’s sponsor is Representative Jeffrey Elmore - 94th district, Wilkes and Alexander Counties. (http://www.jeffreyelmore.com/)


Absolutely no words…

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Who comes up with this nonsense? Probably the same one that pushed for a constitutional amendment for hunting.

Seriously - just from a practical standpoint - you are going to make an already overburdened DMV make even have longer lines? For $10 a year? I think @Ryan1 is right. This won’t even cover the administrative costs of running this program.

Meh it’s a crazy guy out in western NC. People introduce crazy bills all the time - I’m not worried about this having a chance to pass.

Can we all agree now that this legislature is committed to an anti-urban agenda?


Because one guy came up with a dumb bill? No.


When you go to his website, the very first photo is of him with his motor vehicle (truck).
I’m surprised his bill doesn’t require open carry when riding a bike.


It would be great if they talked about some benfits of registering your bike, like this helping you be able to recover your bike if it’s stolen.

But, nope, nothing like that in this bill.

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Also from his website:
✓ Protect your 2nd Amendment Rights
✓ Pro-Life
✓ Pro-Business Growth
✓ Less Regulation
✓ Protect North Carolina Workers
✓ Strengthen Education

Less regulation (except to regulate bicycles)


Absurd . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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They just want us to register our bikes so the gubment can come round them up.

From my cold dead clip in shoes!


I would love to see how this would be enforced… (If it some how passed) I do not believe police would ever take the time to stop bikers and ask for bike permits etc.


Actually, I think that they want to further the pay for play strategy that is the backbone of their political narrative. Paying by consumption means that the rich and the poor pay the same to fund/use an amenity/resource, therefore “fair”.


It would give them a ready excuse to stop a “suspicious-looking” person riding a bike.


“Small government for me, big government for you”

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So under this bill I would have to register my bike with the DMV and pay a $10 annual fee just to ride 2 miles for exercise in my own neighborhood, which has State-controlled roads?

Absolute lunacy.


It’s another poor tax, essentially.


Sometimes these guys are more or less told what to do. Sometimes its a vendetta of sorts. Hard to say here. My guess is a buddy (donor) of his absolutely hates bikers and wanted something done about it. It is quite a circus in the hallways around this time of year.

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And what about my kids riding on our cul-de-sac? How does this guy look in the mirror and not be embarrassed that he actually proposed this?

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Believe it or not, there’s a number of people on Reddit who actually support the bill.