The Alexan, 401 West Lane Street

Go Triangle is(?) [ was? ] saving it for the future light rail station that was supposed to go here.


Now THAT would make perfect sense!

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See my edited comments. It’s probably the regional rail project that started in the 90s and got canceled in 2006 because the Bush administration changed funding rules and torpedoed the project.

The Triangle light rail project was not supported by our former Senator, Elizabeth Dole, Duke Grad & former US Transportation Secretary. She dropped the Triangle’s bid and supported CLT, hence….

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Yep, that’s what I was talking about. I think D2/D3 were the preferred alternatives - station would’ve been at one of the two sites straddling Harrington.


A lot of young city dwellers probably like it. I actually MISS not hearing trains out where I’m at now.
I can’t be the only weirdo lol


Raleigh’s own skytrain. Still I think a cut-and-cover underground automated tram system would work the best for Raleigh.


If I understand the “cut-and-cover” idea, I think it would be best! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :+1:

I had been wishing for this but the wake transit plan dimmed all hope for this. What w beauty though…

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My dorm room at State my freshman year was only like 50 feet from the tracks, and I was on the ground floor. After a few weeks, we didn’t even notice the trains. haha Now, 20+ years later, I kind of miss seeing them from time to time.


I love being able to see or hear the hustle and bustle of movement. Whether it’s a road, trains, pedestrians, anything. Makes me feel alive haha

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It’s cheaper and closer to the surface so people have an easier, faster time getting in and out of the tunnel unlike deep bore tunnels which may require long and slow escalators and elevators. You can build a road on top of it no problem.


It’s an apartment building, keep your shirt on

I know that this maybe better suited for a transportation thread but I would love to see a cost analysis of this vs, the flyover vs a true tunnel/subway… :drooling_face:

I don’t even understand your point. I know it’s an apartment building…?

No, that’s the light rail idea that briefly popped up in the mid-2000s/2010s. I’m talking about the other commuter/regional rail project that happened (and failed) before that.

I think he’s just annoyed by how you typed out your frustration for this building not being mixed-use -probably because the developer’s presenting the building as “just” apartments, and he thinks it’s unreasonable to ask them to do more? (Correct me if I’m wrong, @Spero)

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Lol I just thought the all-caps was too vigorous. Retail would be great but, like, c’mon. Let’s all chill out

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Wow, I’ve never seen this before. Imagine how different this region would be if this had been built.


TBJ article says:

Filings with the city say the property will include 134 one-bedroom units and 53 two-bedroom units. There is currently no retail space planned in the building, though Brooks said there is the possibility that they’ll end up adding some on the ground floor fronting either Lane or Harrington street.


Well frankly, I’m annoyed by the continuous half-assedness/under-use of these mega-block apartments. So sorry @Spero but go ahead and be annoyed by me being annoyed LMAO. You can take my CAPS LOCK very lightly. It’s mostly meant in jest.