The Alexan, 401 West Lane Street

ASR is live for Alexan Glenwood South, 187 DU on .91 acres with 184 parking spaces. Unfortunately, no retail or passage between West and Harrington.


I actually don’t think this proposal complies with the zoning, the -SH frontage requires the mixed-use building type, which is required to be able to accommodate retail on the first floor, as proposed there are no spaces that could accommodate retail.

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Even though not specifically called out, this may be a couple of retail spots next to the leasing office


This is interesting from a parking standpoint for two reasons. First, the parking ratio is actually not too bad, with only 184 parking spaces proposed for 187 units. Yeah, it sounds like a lot, but 53 of those units are 2bd, so it ends up being 240 beds total. There’s definitely going to be some 1-car or even car-free households here, because there isn’t a parking space for every single occupant.

The other thing is that there are only two levels of parking and the units are entirely above it rather than being wrapped around a giant deck. In this regard it’s similar to the Link next door. Curiously, the two levels of parking don’t seem to connect, as the grade is such between West and Harrington that the entrance on each street leads to a different level.


Apparently, it will be called the Alexan Glenwood South. I think developers are running out of clever names.


Yeah, NO WAY their leasing office would need to take up an entire block :rofl: I love compromises like this though - yes, it’s still a monolithic apt building, but it’s much better use of space than a simple 5-over-1, as it’s a few stories taller than we usually see from these types of developments, AND appears to have dedicated street level retail space - a FAR CRY from the nearby Link and Metropolitan apartments.


Upon review of the site plan, looks like that long street level space @atl_transplant shared is just for leasing office + the apt fitness center, however, it appears the opposite side of the building would have a few SMALL retail spaces - which is actually great, smaller retail spaces opens up more options for smaller/local businesses to occupy them. Pretty tired of all these monolithic apt buildings having such HUGE leasing office/lobbies but will reserve my bitching for this one since it does appear to at least have some retail space, as opposed to the other nearby apt buildings.


As a Link resident, I’m excited to have some new neighbors! Hopefully we do get some shopfronts on Harrington as it shows in the plans, and that’s not just some other apartment amenities. Let’s just hope this one doesn’t end up like The Metropolitan Apartments :fire: and put me out of my apartment again.


Wait, you lived in the Link when the fire happened and you’re still there? I had a friend that lived there at the time and while a lot of people did move out, she was relocated (off Harrington of course) to the northwest corner and stayed for a year. Glad to hear they’re keeping the place up and desirable. Still looks great from the outside and I liked the gym and clubhouse area there, though I never lived there myself.


Haha yep! I think there are a few of us left that were there before the fire. I was luckily on the side of the building furthest from The Metropolitan so I didn’t really have any impact to my unit (besides food loss, some minor smoke smell), and was able to get back in after 2 or 3 weeks. I definitely like it! Obviously wish there was some ground-level retail, as I’ll ALWAYS support that, but it’s a nice place to live. Just happy to be getting new neighbors with The Alexan and with the new (up to) 40 story tower going in next to the Quorum Center, not to mention 400H (which I believe is mixed use/multi-family, right?).


This is going to fit in just fine


I’ve been waiting for that gap to be filled for a while now. I’m glad it will finally be gone. I’m excited to see more foot or bike traffic in this area given the small amount of parking spaces proposed.


TBJ piece is here:

They may add some ground floor retail, construction starts this fall. I wonder which property is the GoTriangle-owned property they tried to buy.

Trammell Crow Residential managing director Robert Brooks said the deal is one of the first the company sourced when it made its entrance into the Triangle market. He said they tried to buy an adjacent GoTriangle-owned property, but that deal never materialized.

The company hopes to kick off construction by November. Brooks said the work is expected to take about two years.

Filings with the city say the property will include 134 one-bedroom units and 53 two-bedroom units. There is currently no retail space planned in the building, though Brooks said there is the possibility that they’ll end up adding some on the ground floor fronting either Lane or Harrington street.

Dwell Design Studios is the architect on the plans. McAdams is handling planning and engineering services.


Probably the rest of the block to the train tracks.


They better f**kin’ add retail, WTF. This whole area should be a dense, walkable, RETAIL/RESIDENTIAL corridor. Link and Metro apartments already botched it, this one could be the first actual decent apt building in the area…


WHY NOT BOTH? AND WHY IS THIS NOT ALREADY PART OF THE PLANS?? I’m suuuuuper tired of these half-assed apartment mega-blocks taking up so much space and NOT MAXIMIZING USE. ACTIVATE THE STREET THAT YOU’RE PLANNING ON ADDING 100s OF RESIDENTS TO, WTF???


Yikes for those facing the train tracks when a train is approaching to cross West St. Even being indoors way down the street, when an Amtrak comes through this intersection you can hear it LOUDLY. Not uncommon for this to happen late at night during the week either. Hopefully they invest in sound proofing.

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Not the whole block, but parts of it. You can look up the owners of any parcel of land in Raleigh with the city’s iMaps interface easily:

FYI, it’s not clear if GoTriangle wants to sell these plots of land in the first place. They originally bought it for rail projects in the early 2000s that fell through. They ended up reimbursing the federal government (since they originally agreed to split the costs with GoTriangle) to fully own those properties because they knew “the price to reacquire the parcels will increase substantially if needed for a future project.”


Yea probably the 2 plots that make the wedge of the rest of the block to the tracks.

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Do we think it’s likely this oddly shaped lot immediately next to railroad tracks will actually ever be developed into something? I could see a taller, skinny building (obviously with no integrated parking) but the first couple floors would get some pretty loud train noise.