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The scale of Weaver Street is definitely more “storefront” oriented, but there will actually be more people within walkable distance to Publix. I think that we’ll find that Publix will get all kinds of business from those who work downtown and have to pick something up on the way home to locals who just need a few things, and everything in between. Save for the few stalwart urbanists and their folding personal grocery carts, most people will still drive to Publix for their major shopping trips, or when it rains. It’s just going to have a different and broader dynamic than Weaver Street.
In the end, it will be terrific to have both of them on the west side of downtown.


Question: and maybe this is in the wrong thread, but just continuing the current conversation- Will the Publix be open 24hrs? And on that- what will Weaver St’s hours be? What are they in Carborro& Hillsborough

WSM’s existing stores are comparable in size or smaller than the one planned at Dillon, and they have full produce departments. Really you could easily do all your grocery shopping there if you are willing to be flexible.


I highly, highly doubt that Publix will be open 24 hours. I think that we’d be lucky to get both stores to stay open until 11PM.

Anyone have any information on when Weaver Street Market will be opening?


So any day now.


In other Dillon retail news, Shred415 (a HIIT fitness studio) will be opening in “late Summer 2019.”


It looks pretty unfinished inside still. Seems like very slow progress. I really want them to open!

That’s the current newsletter I got from them. So who knows.

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I hope you’re right!

Thank you!:grinning:

I just peeked in and it looks completely built out! Shelves just need to be filled!


Weaver St Market finally looking closer to opening


Well, that’s pretty much how it looked 20 days ago when I last replied to you in this thread… :thinking:
Space is so much bigger than I would’ve imagined, looking forward to the 2nd floor balcony seating outside too.


Weaver Street is going to be 12,600 square feet. For context, the Publix at Smokey Hollow is reported to be 45,600 square feet.

Personally, I would have loved to have seen the MSFH extend through the church next door and have a direct connection to Weaver Street.


I’m hoping that’s still an option down the road. I love that idea! At some point the church will probably be pushed out either due to rent (if they don’t own) or to sell for more church funds (if they do own). Hopefully the grocery store layout can accommodate a back-door entrance. I’m sure MSFH could adapt and provide the through way for that.

A lot is going to depend on the Weaver Street’s back of house arrangement and servicing docks, etc. I am completely ignorant as to how that is going to go down there.

That comparison is hard to envision. Do you know how big Whole Foods on Wade is?

EDIT: Whole Foods is 30,013 sq ft so Weaver is a little less than half of that size. Damn.

Empire owns it

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12,000 sq ft is about 2000 smaller than the entirety of the indoor portion of MSFH, to put things in perspective.

Should the church vacate, might we see a joint venture between (Hanley) Hibernian Hospitality and Empire Eats to expand MSFH? It would be interesting.

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