The Downtown Raleigh Alliance

Kris Larson is resigning from CEO. I’m disappointed by it, I liked the guy.

I realized we don’t have a thread about the org itself as they are our biggest downtown booster.


Agreed, but I have confidence in Bill King.

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The DRA is doing a great job of having opportunities for anyone to connect with them. Here are three opportunities to attend their downtown rundown. (breakfast, lunch, and evening)

Get the scoop on downtown news and development, share your ideas and concerns, and meet other downtown stakeholders! DRA’s Downtown Rundowns bring stakeholders together for an up-to-the-minute discussion on downtown happenings and provide a space for you to bring up questions and suggestions. In addition to DRA, each meeting will also include representatives from the Raleigh Police Department and other key partners involved in advancing our downtown.

Breakfast Meeting
Tuesday, June 4
9:30 – 11:00 AM
Networking @ 9:30 AM
Program @ 10:00 AM
Marbles Kids Museum, Zanzibar A

Evening Meeting
Wednesday, June 5
6:00 – 7:30 PM
Networking @ 6:00 PM
Program @ 6:30 PM
Park View Hall in Historic City Market (entrance on Martin Street)

Lunch Meeting
Thursday, June 6
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM (bring your lunch)
Networking @ 11:30 AM
Program @ 12:00 PM
Marbles Kids Museum, Zanzibar A


I may be able to make the evening meeting but unfortunately with a regular day job, breakfast and lunch meetings are usually reserved for clients or working. LOL

Hope to see some others there! Should we all wear a special hat, or sticker or something to know we’re from “The Community”? :slight_smile:

You do understand that this request is a challenge to start merchandising shirts , sticker and the like for DTR? Please and thank you!

@Loup20, I love the MLB style you guys came up with for your organization. Maybe a logo for our DTR group?

Anyone else talented graphics/marketing peeps looking to donate to the community?


That would be awesome! I wouldn’t even know where to start. Definitely need the creative design folks on this board to want to contribute I’m thinking.

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I’m swamped right now, but let me see if I can come up with something. I do love this community and have met with Leo before on some of this stuff.

Also, selling shirts for something like this is simple. We create a design and then we upload it to I believe you can either share the link and people can order their own, or Leo can take orders, get venmo’d and order one-offs. Printful takes care of all the shipping and the printing. Leo wouldnt touch the product.

**Thats not what we do for MLB Raleigh, bc we wanted to get everything screen printed for highest quality, but Printful’s digital ink prints are pretty good too. Shirt quality can be really good if you choose Bella or Next Level). Anyways Lets chat on this.


I needed to get with you anyway to catch up on MLB Raleigh anyways. Let’s do beers. (open invite to others as well)

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I’m pretty free next week (mon-wed). Lets do after work one day. Would love others to attend for input and to understand how multiple people view/use this forum.

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I’m in as long as I don’t have work thing pop up. I’m at least in town all next week. :grin:

2019 first quarter report

Biggest thing that jumps out to me is that DRA is now estimating the downtown population to be 10,877! I’m not sure that’s even possible compared to last year’s 8500 estimate.


Well, all we have to do is remember which projects were completely within the last year. That would include The Dillon and The Metropolitan.
With 745 units under construction, and an assumption that they average 1.5 ppl/unit, that would put DT over 12,000. Those are mainly going to be Peace and FNB. Then, of course, we have Smoky Hollow about to break ground for even more units to come.


True! 2503 total units either under construction or planned for the near future. Pretty awesome


Wow! That’s a lot of units. Very impressive.

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Anyone watching the State of Downtown Raleigh presentation that starts in 15 min?

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11,820 residents in DT, 20K+ within a mile radius.


Average rent per month $1669 and increasing.


97% of residential units are occupied. 94.9% EOY19 occupied commercial space.


48,000 employees and “employers are committed to coming back when it’s safe to do so”