The Junction at Five Points

Given our current state of affairs with COVID-19, it’s encouraging to hear this kind of news. I don’t think this fits into another thread so starting this one new. @dtraleigh, if you want to merge this elsewhere, please do.

The Juncture at Five Points by Capital Associates
Some of the pics say “The Junction” but the article calls it “The Juncture”

Doesn’t look very parkour friendly.


I’m not sure I wanna see what Caboose Brewing is putting out. :poop:


Speaking of:

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Thanks for sharing, @OakCityDylan! I can 100% confirm that the name of the project is “The Junction at Five Points”!

@Jake, have you been out to see it in person?

I have not, just found out about it from @OakCityDylan’s post, then happened to see that Twitter vid posted to the Raleigh subreddit this morning

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Excellent. If you get a chance to check it out, let me know!

Stopped by yesterday…


Do you have a connection to this development? Any idea what the retail spaces will look like (Size, prospective tenants, cost, etc?)

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Yes, I work with Capital Associates, the developer of the project. The retail can be up to 2000sf with the ideal location in my opinion being the small brick building, which is about half of that size. We have had several discussions with potential tenants, but no leases signed yet. Do you have an idea for retail you would like to see there?


Awesome, @mike, thanks for stopping by!

I do, I’ve been curious about opening a shop for years - and would probably go the way of doing a multi-vendor shared space (I have a few people/DIY retailers I’ve talked about the idea with). Wondering if you’ll have any smaller retail spaces, which is what this city is truly missing to encourage more local/small businesses from opening up a shop. Do you have an email I can reach out to?


I agree 100% that small retail space seems hard to come by. What do you see as the break point for “small” is it a square footage number, a rent number, something else?

Small format, and definitely lower price points. The huge floor plans with excessively high rent prices that are pretty much becoming the only new retail spaces opening are only good for chains and corporate retailers, thus not encouraging locally owned/small businesses to start. Not only that, but over time it will only increase retail rents across the board (for small spaces and up) and will at some point push out any local owned/small businesses that are currently operating.


I’d love a Hattie B’s Hot Chicken place + expansive patio and/or rooftop seating area.


Hey y’all,
In case you haven’t had a chance to swing by 1501 Sunrise, here are some updated photos of the second “Artist of the Month” installation. The artist for June is Britt Flood.


This is awesome, please keep the public art coming!!!

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Britt is awesome. I went to highschool with her, along with a good friend Nick Osetek. I know they are close. Check out his art as well:



Glad you like it! The July mural just went up and we have one more coming in August.

Evan, thank you for the heads up on Nick, I will check him out!