Troubleshooting Access to

Hey all. I’ve been made aware that some users are seeing this site and the blog go down intermittently. I could use some help on what you are seeing as more folks are telling me of this problem and I just recently spotted it also.

For me, I cannot access the forum or the blog on my phone over mobile data. Wifi works just fine.

I’ve put in a support ticket to my host that’s handling the DNS so we’ll see what happens but if anyone has been unable to access these sites, I would appreciate some feedback to help troubleshoot.

I’m working it as best I can.

I cannot access it from the State government complex wired networks, nor my iPhone anywhere. Wifi in east downtown works fine (Apple computer if that helps)

Corroborating the same story. No access from mobile, WiFi works for me.

I have had the same issue recently. Wifi at work and home is fine for my phone but not data network. My desktop works fine.

Same issue with mobile access (WiFi only). I thought it was me…thanks for posting this. Otherwise no issues. Thanks for running this forum!!

I have trouble getting access when I’m at work. Something about an invalid certificate.

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I have the same issue on my corporate network but didn’t want to ask them to whitelist it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Leo,
I haven’t been able to access the site from my iphone X, on data plan for over a week, but I can on my ipad over wifi. When I try to access via my iphone it says “Safari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found.”

It’s a new problem for me. It used to be fine.

My web host has flushed the DNS cache last night and they say these things could take up to 48 hours. I’m sitting tight, seeing if things straighten out over the weekend. If not good by Sunday, I’ll keep at it.

Thanks for the feedback so far!

Hey all. For those that can’t access the site over mobile data, do you mind sharing your provider?

Verizon–twenty characters

Same here. I’m starting to point the problem to them unless someone can prove otherwise.

Verizon is my carrier as well.

Verizon, but also can’t access it from my wired network at work…State government (sssshhh!). Does Verizon provide wired services too (sorry if dumb question…)

OK so far, there is definitely an issue with accessing it over Verizon 4G. I have found a workaround, it’s fairly simple, but I will continue to see what I can do so that all users can access it like it should work.

For the technical folks in the room, Verizon’s DNS must not be resolving correctly. If I use an app to use an alternate DNS (google’s for example) resolves just fine.

Here’s what I am using for Android. Choose the google DNS servers and connect. Then browse as normal. It’s pretty simple to use.

As for those that have the site blocked at their offices, well, that will probably be an even more difficult thing to solve. I know is blocked at my office so I feel for others. :tired_face:


An update on this. I have found out that Verizon has blocked my domain. They could not tell me why.

The investigation continues. :sweat:

So what my work network tells me is that this is a phishing site.

Thanks @joe. I’ve done a few security scans of the site in the past and they all pass so I’ll have to dig deeper with regards to that. Who knows, maybe if I fix that then the site will start working at all these places.

For those on verizon, does it work now?