VeLa Longview - 220 East Morgan St - Marbles Parking lot

According to TBJ looks like lot on west side of federal building may be developed

Downtown Raleigh lot could become 20-story tower

:The owners of a parking lot in downtown Raleigh are prepping it for a tower up to 20 stories as they say developer interest is strong."


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This is a triangular shaped parcel north of Marbles and across Person Street west of the federal building (220 E Morgan)


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I actually saw this pop up on the Raleigh Wire a few days ago but didn’t think there was much to it. I don’t think it’s a rezoning request so I just figured it was something silly. Guess not! Love it!

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"The rezoning request currently comes with no development or design plan, and Gordon Smith said that will be up to a future buyer. He said he and his wife hope to find a developer with a good vision for the land.

“We’ll sell it for development with the best proposal we see,” Smith said. “It’s time for me and Beverly to do what’s best for this property for the next 50 years.”"

Sounds Legit


With it being a triangular shaped parcel, this may be an opportunity for an interesting architectural design for Raleigh.


Looks like from your information, it may not be as big a deal as thought from TBJ headline and teaser. Unfortunately I can no longer see details of reports :frowning: So change topic name to " Potential new 20 story building"


Exactly what I was thinking. Could be super iconic if it’s done well. Plus there will be a BRT stop on the western corner of the property. Lot of potential here.


I wasn’t replying to downplay your post, I’m actually really excited the owners are deciding to do the appearance committee’s job for them and selling to the best proposal. I’m hoping for a building like this I saw in London a few months ago, although larger.


the black friar! this pub is awesome, hope you went in for a pint or two.

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Oh, don’t be surprised if Leo (@dtraleigh) comes through and smashes your dreams. He’ll say, until something happens with this, we’ll just move it to the General News Thread or Affordable Housing.

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DTRaleigh is on the job! I was coming to post this and there is already a new thread with several replies.

Great spot for a new tower, though it is likely a long time before anything actually goes here.

Only slight downside is that something here would likely preclude expansion of Marbles, but that doesn’t seem very likely anyway with their finances being impacted by Covid and i think lower tax support than previously anticipated.

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Marbles expansion plans are already in the works for the courtyard and 2 story brick building across the courtyard. I think it was 5-7 floors? But yes, think it might be delayed.


No doubt that that is a cool building but with this being the 21st century, how about this as a design starting point?


Someone out there get Hobgood on the project, stat! :innocent:


Will be interesting to see how they build a triangular parking pedestal. :man_facepalming:


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Ooo I like this :clap:t4::clap:t4: I hope this project actually happens

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This rezoning request from DX-7-UG to DX-20-UG-CU just hit the wire:


Raleigh Historic Development Commission’s Agenda for July 21 includes the rezoning for 220 E. Morgan St. & The Creamery on Glenwood Ave .