VeLa Longview - 220 East Morgan St - Marbles Parking lot

With Vela on the east and RUSBus and Creamery on the west, it will surely broaden the skyline.


*the federal government built a new federal courthouse in Richmond. Those decisions are made in Washington with local feedback only. Write your congressman.

Moving the DMV to Rocky Mount was a deliberate political move to cripple the institution. Many times that is the case, sadly.


Would the land behind wake med sort of be a ‘north hills’ in the east? also i thought there was an article that tower SC was going to be redeveloped some months back? true?

Just found the VeLa Pie Town planned for Nashville on VeLa’s website. No image yet but hoping for something as nice as you got there. There is now more activity on the site with a second round of environmental sampling going on.

VELA | Real Estate Development Company (

The hits keep coming here with multiple towers announced over the past few months, mostly residential with the tallest at 45 stories in Midtown part of a 3-tower project.

If your ever curious about what is going on here. Here is a map I made for the Urban Planet group there.
Nashville Projects & Development - Google My Maps


Alright help me out. Anyone know?

I’m not exactly sure where the name “Longview” comes from but it does seem to pop up around Raleigh. On the same block is the Vintage Church which was formerly called the Long View Center. Owned by a local real estate developer, he sold it in 2013 to the current church. The same developer, Gordon Smith, helped start the Marbles Kid’s Museum and played a pivotal role in rezoning the parking lot that is now to become VeLa Longview.

Clearly, the Longview name has some significance here with someone involved. I’m going to throw this post up on the Community and see if we can’t figure this out.

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This rezoning has been passed right? Also, I hope not once a rezoning happens they can’t go back right. Because I’m gonna pushes Mary-Ann Baldwin and the rest of the council in its last days to upzone Downtown Raleigh to DX-40 as a final middle finger to the new council if I know they can undo it.

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The council can downzone properties, but they would then face a major lawsuit over the “taking of property” without just compensation. And, they would lose in court.


Probably named after the Longview Gardens Historic District nearby. There’s a city in NC called Long View but probably no relations. Why Longview Gardens Historic District is called Longview Gardens I don’t know.

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Probably because it sounds nice and has those long flowing streets, so you literally have a long view.


Okay so they should do it and I’ll be a middle finger to newcomers. Because if money ruins the city this could be like a loophole. Let me explain we Upzone now and the council of no decided to try to downzone they’ll get sued and developers win and furthermore all these lawsuit will come people will get outraged about these lawsuit using taxpayers dollars we can blame Black, Harrison, and Jones they’ll be one termed in the next election. I hope you understand the strategy. I’ll essentially be a gun to the head to the NIMBY newcomers. I’ll tell them you better not do it. @Alan

It is because the guy who developed it had a big farm he called Longview. His home is still around next to Wake Med. Something Poe. Apparently that whole area was all cleared farmland with a big view. He lead the development of Longview Gardens which hugs New Bern


Even worse the new city council will rezone what is under construction now and then the excess floors must be torn down to meet new requirements. Might even do a negative rezone where buildings may only go downward and underground. :grimacing:


That smells like a lawsuit. Hopefully you’re being sarcastic. Look ima do everything in my power to have Mary A Black and Christina Jones, and Jane Harrison I one term person.

Sarcasm reeks for sure

Wait you’re for real.

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i thought clarence poe 60 some years ago named longview and had some stake in developing it.


There was a Longview School off King Charles Avenue in East Raleigh. It may have County Offices now.

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The one in AZ has some pretty cool windows.