Videos of downtown Raleigh

Yeah, I am going to reply to this in the comments. I saw the video yesterday after it was posted because I have this channel on bell notification.
There’s no way that we should be on this list and some of the aerials he used (especially Seaboard) are already under redevelopment. He completely shapes his narrative negatively while ignoring how human scaled and connected our Capitol building is to its south, west and east and only focuses northward. Even the near north government buildings up through the legislative building are pleasantly scaled and placed.
He did at least acknowledge that the building itself wasn’t egregious, the grid was in place, and that they city had potential. That said, he comes with a bias against cities that don’t have robust transit in place, so take it all with a grain of salt.
In the end, there’s no way that we are the 5th worst. I mean just look at some of the awful comparisons he lumped us in with!


Oklahoma and Arizona are making us look pretty good.

This guy really disliking “overly-extravagant” Neo-Classical architecture and extensive capital malls is definitely leading to choices I wouldn’t make (Missouri seems fine!). Also, he can be pretty offputtingly snide about the South and the Sun Belt. Fun video overall, though.

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Yeah I feel like he cherry picked what worked for his point, but I noticed many of things you mentioned too. To nitpick in return, what’s up with his weird little faucet/sink thing at the beginning?

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Raleigh looks the least egregious of the cities highlighted but that’s obviously not high praise.

We’re not helped by the fact that Google hasn’t updated the aerials since 2018.


Tried my hand at a couple of videos

Overall drone skyline tour

Narrated Downtown development drone tour


The shot starting at 2:56 of the first video is amazing, looked like a totally different city. Thanks for sharing!


Just found this online:


Everybody is welcome to the premiere at Nevermore Film Festival on Feb23 at 7PM in Carolina Theatre, Durham DT :slight_smile:

Some good DT Raleigh aerial footage is present!