View From the Boylan Avenue Bridge


My thoughts are up on the blog but here’s an 11-year comparison from the bridge. How are we doing? Do we care? See the much bigger version of the photo here.


Morning Leo
And thank you! I care…
It’s a very nice picture of growth, except for the fact that it’s “11 freakin years” and this is all that we have to show for it? :cry:


Wonder what the September 2029 picture will look like.


See you in 10 years!


Maybe more could have taken place but we have seen a lot of development and growth in Downtown. There has certainly been an increase in density. This photo only shows part of that change.


Agreed. The view from 40 at Wilmington St. Would show more dramatic change than this photo, as the PNC tower, skyhouse, Dillon, charter square, and one Glenwood are all visible from that angle


Fantastic comparison, Leo!

I am really glad that our downtown skyline is spreading far and wide rather than clustering to a perfect peak in the middle. Buildings like Dillon, One Glenwood, and Peace at West makes it feel like we are really expanding the borders of downtown proper. It’s staking out the territory that will eventually be filled in.


I have a nice shot from Saunders, I think 2008. I’ll have to get out there soon!


There are some cool angles from the north as well… Everyone knows about the parking deck at Duke Raleigh Hospital, but there is another great angle from East Whitaker Mill Road (b/w Wake Forest Rd and 5 Points). I keep meaning to snap a few pics, but never have time or think about it when I am in the area.


I totally agree with the awesome comparison picture. I was just saying that 11 years…come on…that’s all you got…:disappointed:
Kind of like the parent who wants so much to be REALLY proud. You’re getting awesome grades son (population growth) And I see the physical growth son (RUS, infill restaurants, and retail) But at this point you should be dating…(have just a couple more buildings over 25 stories tall) Lol…:wink:


If the great recession wouldn’t have happened, our skyline would have looked different.


Yes! While this has been 11 years between photos, the reality is that 5 of those years were essentially lost.


Where abouts exactly? I’m on that road daily. It’s a lot of trees and houses and there is no view that I’ve ever seen. Is there a hill somewhere or clear area where dtr can be seen?