Village District developments

Gone the way of NOAHs ark…soon enough

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Yeah I’m sure that once this hotel is out of the ground, a developer will buy these properties.

I think they are going block by block and rebuilding them like the block to the west.

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Granted, they’re explosive and exhale poison gas, so…

And if one explodes, it can burn down the building where people live but the deck will still be standing.

The point of fire safety isn’t to preserve buildings; it’s to retain structural integrity long enough to evacuate occupants, which is only possible by making parking decks non-combustible. If there’s a catastrophic fire, the residences are doomed either way. (but I think you know this and are mostly being facetious to make a point!)


I am totally being facetious to make a point.

No more banana pudding…


In college it was closer to walk to K&W from my dorm on east campus than than the dining hall on west campus. Very sad to see K&W go, but looking forward to a new and more dense use of the property.


From two very busy cafeterias and a lunch counter to none in 40 years. :older_man:

Is this a new name for the hotel? I recall they were doing something with the community, but from the banner (there on the far right: honor, recognition, uplift?) they are really going all in.

They are going to call it The Oberlin. Being built by Quality Oil in Winston. I worked for one of their hotels for two years right after college and met the president (Graham Bennett) several times as he liked to randomly stop into his properties. Tho I was lowly night auditor, he took the time to talk to me like a real person, asked about my degree and plans for the future. He really cared about all of his employees (many as there were). If he says they will respect the history of the Oberlin neighborhood, you can take that to the bank. He is very true to his word.


True, Quality oil does not build on the cheap even if it is just a Hampton Inn. Very good ownership group.


N&O article regarding the Oberlin Rd Streetscape project says it should finally begin construction the 2nd week of October and wrap up by the end of 2024:


It’s been 20 years and I’m still waiting for the one that was supposed to come to Peace St. and never happened.


Maybe with it successful along with the transit bomd well see more of this.

Will be a big improvement, but curious why they didn’t plan to do this for the entirety of oberlin?

Think that was scrapped due to the belief most of it would end up happening via private development but could be misremembering

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Clearly it was scrapped.

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Because it’s taking a year and a half to do a measly half mile? Lol
I had the same question actually