Village District developments

Consider me surprised it was only costing 3.5MM. I was expecting 400 million for that half mile

Which aspect? They are completing the resurfacing on Oberlin with bike lanes. There are some sharrow sections which I don’t necessarily care for, but I do think it’s an improvement. I’m also guessing it’s not being done there since the road is narrower.

I’m definitely excited to see the section completed near Clark Ave/Oberlin Rd.

I would like to see a better design crossing Glenwood at St. Mary’s Street. In the morning, crossing to go onto St. Mary’s heading south isn’t too bad. It’s definitely not good for an inexperienced biker, but I’ve had no issues on my hybrid bike. It’s definitely no problem on the ebike. Heading north is a different story. I made the mistake heading north one day after work. Depending on riding style, you get caught in the traffic since there’s no lane and the road is narrow. I’ve started using St Mary’s in the morning because crossing at Wade Avenue isn’t great anymore; there’s too much fast moving traffic and no one really stops to let pedestrians/cyclists cross (it takes a bit before someone does stop).

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