Village District developments

I think that’s a nice idea, but I don’t know if I’d have a different one for every single district. Maybe a handful of types that are then mapped to districts and all lamped the same so that we don’t have these weird color and brightness changes from district to district.


The new apartments and the hotel are really coming along well.

Also noticed this mural today.

photo credit to @GucciLittlePenguin



There’s still so much potential to add housing and national and local retail brands.


All of those giant moats of surface parking that keep it feeling like an overgrown strip mall can’t be long for this world.


Ironically, I said the same thing when I lived in CV back in 2000-2001. It IS happening, just very slowly.


See the other thread about where we all age out of caring about our decades of unmet expectations… Lol



Really think this will be a huge missed opportunity to not have that little bulge (the blue-wrapped portion) on the corner be planned retail/restaurant space


or solid desirable local offerings

Daytime golden-hour and nighttime preview of the DTR skyline view that The Oberlin hotel currently under construction will enjoy.

Located 700 feet east of our third floor balcony view the rooftop restaurant in particular should have a nice clear sight line.

That’s the extremely walkable Harris Teeter rooftop in our foreground.


While Cameron Village (now Village District) hollowed out downtown retail all those decades ago, it has in fact become a walkable shopping destination for a substantial number of people who live in it or near it. It’s why I support and welcome all of the new housing that has been built, is being built, and is proposed to be built in its walkshed.
Now, I’d like to see more people actually walking to Harris Teeter, Fresh Market, etc. I often walk to both myself from Glenwood South. It’s not a short jaunt, but it’s not oppressively long either. On those walks there, I can’t say that I’ve seen people taking advantage of its walkability in the way that I see often around Publix at Peace/Smoky Hollow.


I always likes the look of those apartments between Cameron and Broughton, but good gravy is that a prime place to up the density.


I think new buildings in this area should have a max of 7 stories, just because it’ll help build on the idea of a village within a city.


i’d posit to say that the Village District, while a negative influence on downtown retail, actually was the correct way to design a shopping center. While it has parking, it is not at the significant level of most malls. There are pots of shopping centers around the country like the Village District that are incredibly successful because they remained in relatively mid-urban areas that appeal to people not willing to fully move downtown. I would say places like Suburban Square in Ardmore, PA, or University Village in Seattle, or even Highland Park Village in Dallas are comprable in scale…maybe not offerings since they are way more upscale than the Village, but they are similar 1930-1950 style centers.


I lived there for my junior year at State. @John I walked everywhere I went and loved having CV at my doorstep. I really miss those car(e)free days :slight_smile:


As hopefully an element of the long-awaited Oberlin Road streetscape improvements the short section of standard sidewalk in front of Fidelity Bank just north of Smallwood and the Harris Teeter was demolished yesterday and replaced today with a much wider sidewalk.

Waterline and utility work in this subarea appears to finally be complete. So a pavement resurfacing and a fresh paint job to repurpose the existing cross-section into a complete street might happen soon.

Also looking forward to the street trees taken out a while back due to conflict with overhead wires to soon be replaced with a more suitable species.

This is a heavily trafficked pedestrian corridor so good place to begin.


Glad the street will be resurfaced there, I ride my e-bike through that area frequently and the pavement is ROUGH on two wheels.

On a related note, anyone know when the resurfacing of Oberlin between Clark and Pullen will be complete?


Here is the City of Raleigh webpage for the project (updated April 5, 2024):

No project schedule included. However the water main and other subsurface utility work appears to be completed. So resurfacing and painting to convert the existing lanes to a complete street configuration would seem to be next.

Sometime this summer for a 2018 project approval sounds about right. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

EDIT: Did not initially scroll down far enough to find the schedule that is typically included within these project pages.

Schedule calls for project completion by Fall 2024 which is probably related to street tree installations. So pavement resurfacing sometime this summer does sound reasonable.