WakeMed Cameron Village

.Now we know what will bump the Post Office out of 505 Oberlin, opposite Harris Teeter at Cameron Village: a new WakeMed satellite hospital will open on the site in mid-2020.


Not a satellite hospital. They are just converting the space into medical office space. It is retaining the same building.

From WRAL’s Website.

“WakeMed Physician Practices offices will anchor the building, at 505 Oberlin Road, providing services including primary care and urgent care, among other outpatient care offerings.”

Exactly, They are using the same building, remodeling it, and just sticking medical office space into it. It is a ambulatory facility.

Is the post office branch moving or closing… or staying?

That’s refreshing. I thought for sure that building was a goner.

Parking??? There is barely any for quick visits to the post office and visit to medical office takes hours!

Oh god…move to Holly Springs if you require parking within 10 feet of your final destination.


Considering sick people visit medical centers I don’t believe they can park over on Daniels then hobble across Oberlin and down to 500 Oberlin plus when the Bellwood Condo development begins which will replace those condos with the multi story apartment building similar to the ones on the corners of Oberlin and Clark - those 100 spaces will have hold employees and patients of Wake Med Cameron Village.

I believe I read that they are looking for a new location. Closing would mean the closest Post Office to Cameron Village is Five Points.

I think there’s parking out back.

USPS is looking for a new location to replace the Cameron Village office, and they’re holding a public meeting to discuss their options with residents.

The meeting will be at 6pm this Thursday, 14 March, at Oberlin Baptist Church (806 Oberlin Rd.)

N&O article:

Isn’t/wasn’t there a post office across from NCSU on Horne Street? I seem to remember having to go up there to pick up packages when I was in school. Maybe the USPS closed this location too.

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Yep, it’s a sandwich shop now.

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Oberlin Road Wells Fargo is vacant. But probably too expensive for USPS. More bland apartments are more likely.

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Bland apartments maybe, but with lively not bland individual residents living in them?

I’m thinking up at Oberlin/Wade like on one of the Annapolis parcels.

The tentative short-term plan for USPS is to move into the back of Oberlin Baptist Church while they look for a permanent location in the area.


You called it — that location has been ruled out, per the article.

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The fact that they want 30 parking places puts an extra burden on them because land for that much parking doesn’t come cheap.

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Demolition will likely start over the summer.