West End - Platform, Oldham & Worth - Development at W Cabarrus/S Saunders

High income people love yoga so it makes sense so many of these business open in downtown. It helps make downtown desirable to live, especially a demographic that is a big spender. Good for downtown and retail in general.




Looks like a good spot for a building or two…


Can we just leave off the puke :nauseated_face: green accents with the next building ??? Pretty please!!!


Sorry I already submitted my request first, for solid puke green. :joy:

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And here I thought we was friends. I guess that just goes to show that you can’t trust those high falutin’ piggies after all.


Never trust a pig in designer garb.


From my inbox:

“Development Momentum Continues in Downtown Raleigh’s West End”

Kane Realty Advances New Mixed-Use Project “Oldham & Worth”

Kane Realty is excited to announce the construction commencement of Oldham & Worth, Kane Realty’s second mixed-use residential project in the West End neighborhood of Downtown Raleigh. Located at the corner of W. Cabarrus Street and S. West Street and adjacent to the Platform project, Oldham & Worth will feature five stories of upscale apartments, first-class amenities and 4,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space. Taking design inspiration from the lumber company that was located on the property many decades ago, Oldham & Worth will consist of 252 units ranging from modern studios to spacious multi-bedroom residences. The architectural design, which includes rough-hewn wood accents, board-formed concrete, brick, and exposed steel, seamlessly blends the neighborhood’s historic charm with industrial aesthetics.


Disappointed. Needs way more seafoam green.


I like how that second illustration has the passenger train in the background.


They’ll value engineer that into the project in short order.

Excited for this one to complete the block and hopefully nudge something to happen with the west st tunnel.

Best part is, it blocks the east side of platform’s stark white paneling. This was the plan and expectation all along. People were mad about the white exterior when it was always just going to face a side street adjacent to another building. No sweat.


Interesting how Platform and this building incorporate raised patios that require railing, at the finished floor height of the main floor, which is way above the sidewalk level in some places. I’m not sure I’ve ever noticed this at other 5/1 buildings. If the grade is rising/falling relative to the building, I understand the need for it, but along Dupont Circle platform has elevated patios, even though dupont is relatively flat IIRC?

There’s a gentle slope heading down Carrabus east to west toward Dupont Circle. Also there’s that underground stream which sort of bisects Platform so most of the building is a little bit elevated.