Who Remembers....?

@OakCityDylan and I had bar food after the Smoky Hollow tour just now at My Way Tavern on the corner of St Mary’s and Johnson. I was telling him that it used to be an ice cream place, but I can’t remember the name of it. This would have been 15+ years ago. Does anyone remember the name of it?

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I wasn’t born yet, you old timers…

Good try. :sweat_smile:


Can’t remember the ice cream place but it was a seafood place called Hook Up. Lol.


Before the Hookup, I think it was an Italian restaurant. Prior to that it was the BBQ and Ribs Company. Even before that I believe it was a crab shack type of restaurant. That would’ve been 2003ish. Never experienced an ice cream spot there. Talk about a cursed location.

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I was trying to remember the name of that place because they had excellent soft serve creations. I presume that it was just too big of a space to support the rent based on just ice cream. I know that if I hear the name, it will instantly resonate with me.

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I don’t remember a Baskin-Robbins there. But honestly I’m not sure I went there until the Two Guy’s guy opened up his Italian restaurant.

It wasn’t a BR. @OakCityDylan wasn’t anywhere near Raleigh at that time!
My mind is thinking something like Cool Mountain, or something like that.


Good memory. Looks like it opened in 1998.


One tidbit in the article, there were 88,000 people living within 3 miles of the spot then. I wonder what it is today.


Holy crap. I did remember the name after all. It came to me while I was laying in bad and ready to fall asleep.


Maaaan, my fam used to go to that Cool Mountain almost weekly. We went mainly for the sandwiches - I think I would always get the Mt. Shasta. Then they opened up one at Six Forks and Wake Forest so we started going to that one instead. Weird, I don’t even remember them having ice cream?

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Conversely, I ONLY went there for ice cream. Their sundae creations were yummy! Unfortunately, I think that they were unable to compete with Goodberry’s.

Ciago’s was great. Their pizza was delicious.

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Cool Mountain! image

See all the other incarnations.


Yep. That building was purposely built to be Cool Mountain.

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Wow, that grade is very different than what is there now… I think the sidewalk is currently at least 3’ above the seating under that colonnade.

edit: I see why, the colonnade is now indoors, there’s a new patio and roof pushing directly to the sidewalk now.